Urashima – A Longer Version

Let’s lengthen the story.
Let’s make it longer.
Let’s add some description.
Let’s make a longer version.


Once there was a river. It was wide and plentiful.

It flowed into a bay. This too was wide and plentiful.

There were hundreds of islands in the bay. Each island had several villages. There were hundreds of fishermen on each island. One of them was called Urashima. He was a good man.

He performed an act of kindness. He saved a turtle from some school boys.

He was rewarded by a visit from the turtle the following day. It told him to climb onto its back and it took him on a journey to the bottom of the sea, where he married the daughter of the Dragon King.

But he wanted to return home after a while and when he did, he realised that his home had vanished.


Can you add more to the story?

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