Urashima – an even longer version

Once there was a river. It was wide and plentiful. It flowed from the mountains. The rain fell on the mountains and washed down the hillsides into streams and they flowed into rivers and they flowed into the sea.

The river was huge and it flowed into a bay and there were hundreds of islands in the bay. On each island there were many villages and there were hundreds of fishermen in the villages.

One of the fishermen was called Urashima and he was a good man. He performed an act of kindness one day. He saved a turtle from some school children who were teasing it.

By an act of divine grace the turtle transported Urashima to an undersea world as a reward. He was introduced to the Dragon King and he was married to one of the King’s daughters.

He wanted to return to his home after some time but his wife tried to persuade him not to because it was not possible. She gave him a box but told him never to open it and he took it with him.

When he returned to his village his house had vanished and his family had died long ago. His whole life from before had vanished. He opened the box and smoke came out, His hair turned white and he became very old. Then he died.


Let’s make it longer again!

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