The Water Car

The Water Car Cover

The Water Car is a Complete English Language Course.

It features:

  • Listening and Writing
  • Listening and Reading
  • Listening and Speaking
  • Learning Grammar in Context (naturally)

It contains 3.5 hours of high quality audio recording with transcripts and learning activities. Listen to a sample now, or download the entire course.

Interactive Stories

The Water Car is an Interactive Story, so you can improve your speaking and listening, while learning grammar in context. Click the links below to learn more about Interactive Stories.

“This shows the true power of both the teaching and imagination.”

Jigar (Gurarat, India) on the Interactive Stories method.

The Story

The story is about two Japanese engineers. They design a hydrogen-powered car (a water car). They try to market it, but they have lots of problems. The story is set in Japan, the USA, and Brazil. There are thirteen episodes.

“It’s an amazing approach of teaching English – very exciting and enjoyable.
It is real fun.”


Ahmed (Doha, Qatar) on the Interactive Stories method.

The Course

The Water Car course contains:

  • Audio (Mp3) for 13 Episodes, read by Mark White (accent: Australian male) and Aaron Campbell (accent: American male);
  • A Transcript of the Whole Text, including answers to all questions and short discussions;
  • Worksheets for 3 Activities, Listen and Write, Listen and Read, and Listen and Speak;
  • Audio (Mp3) of the Lesson Notes, read by Charley Thorp (accent: British female);
  • A Transcript of the Lesson Notes, explaining English grammar and usage for each episode.

How Does the Course Work?

When you get The Water Car, you can use it to:

    • Listen and Write: Listen to the story. The story contains questions. Write the answers you hear.
    • Listen and Read: Listen to the story again and read the whole transcript. Check your answers. Look up new words in the dictionary.
    • Listen and Speak: For this part you need to find a friend to be a partner. Read the story together and answer the questions with your partner. One person reads aloud. The other person answers questions orally. Stop and discuss your answers as much as you can. If you lack confidence, do Part 2 (Listen and Read) again.
    • Lesson Notes Study: Use this to become more aware of English grammar and usage. Listen to the Lesson Notes and read the transcript of the notes if you have trouble. Check vocabulary in your dictionary.


Download the Water Car Now!


“I’ve been an English teacher for 15 years. I’ve had all kinds of students. One of them had too much difficulty listening to American English. I asked him to buy “The Water Car”. It was awesome! By the time we were in lesson 5 he told me he had improved his listening. I also checked his improvement by playing a video of 15 minutes before we started the program and after we finished the lessons. He did improve. So, if you’re having trouble listening to native speakers’ English, give “The Water Car” a chance.”


Pedro Nascimento (Blumenau, Brazil) on the Interactive Stories method.

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