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  1. The true filmaholic hears a song from the soundtrack and knows exactly where it comes in during the film.

    He, along with the other townspeople, watches the beautiful theater being demolished.

    This film continues a trend in fashionable CSI-CIA-crime composing deficiencies
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  2. Michel says:

    Elections in Europa: A bad sleep

    Last Sunday I was tired.
    Last Sunday I was very tired.
    Last Sunday I was exhausted and I went early to bed.
    I went early to bed and I fell asleep quickly.
    I fell asleep quickly because I was very tired.
    I was fast asleep when I saw myself in a polling place.
    I saw myself enter a polling booth with twelve ballot papers.
    Alone in the polling booth, I held twelve ballot papers.
    I had to choose one of them, and I knew for who I wanted to vote.
    I knew for who I wanted to vote, but I didn’t find the good ballot paper.
    I didn’t find the good ballot paper because they were all the same. Twelve identical ballot papers that I didn’t want.
    I was cooped in a polling booth with twelve identical ballot papers.
    I was cooped, I was hot, I was sweating, I was pouring with sweat and always the same head on the ballot papers.
    I was terrified and poured with sweat, then I awoke.

    I woke up at 7 o’clock.
    At 7 o’clock there is the news at the radio.
    Listening to the news, I realized that the nightmare was only starting.

    France, EUROPA

  3. Eli de Lira Pereira says:

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  4. Eli de Lira Pereira says:

    Gostei do site queria aprender algumas dicas de Inglês

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