Interactive Stories

Interactive Stories or Guided Stories is the name of an English language teaching technique developed by Mark White, a language teacher/writer.

Mark White in Kyoto

What is an Interactive Story?

The technique consists of a story, which includes both sentences and questions so that as one student reads it to the other, the listener can respond to the questions and interact with the storyteller and the story itself by making it up as they go along.

What are they for?
The goal of an interactive story is to teach narratives in graded language (like graded readers), but orally and interactively. Each episode of the story is written in successively more complex syntax. Since the progressively more complicated sentence patterns are introduced in the context of a story, the learner can learn English grammar in context.

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Examples of Interactive Stories:

Advanced English

The Banjo Player’s Brother

Upper Intermediate English

Love and Death

World of Water
The Story of Green Willow
The Obsession
Tibetan Story
The Children of Kenji Takeuchi

Intermediate English

Yamashita’s Gold
The Water Car
The Ghost of Phra Ka Nong
The Two Lovers
The Odyssey
The Adventures of Roy Bean

The History of Pirate Island

A Business Fairy Tale

The Secret of the Black Drink

The National Motor Company

Our Lady of the City

Lower Intermediate English

The Big Dream
Nurse Story

The Story of the Red Shoes

High School English

Asian Odyssey

Business English

International Business Story

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