International Business Story

Synopsis: International Business Story is a business scenario that is based on the events around the tragic story of some children who were poisoned because of attempts to cut costs by replacing pharmaceutical chemicals with industrial chemicals and using them to produce cough medicine. The story takes place in Asia, the Caribbean, North America and Europe. The grammar level is only intermediate but the vocabulary is complex special purpose international business English vocabulary.

Download the text: International Business Story (pdf), by Mark White

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  1. Said says:

    thnkz you for everything so plz will you consider and re correct if submit you story. i like to writting skills so plz mark what I would write.. I wish that you will consider my request….

    thank you…

  2. AUNGZIN PYAE says:


  3. saif ali khan says:

    great job

    Heads off..!!!!!

  4. marvz says:

    thank you very much. your materials are great and are useful for my english class context. great job Sir.

  5. usman khan says:

    i am also taking enjoy with u but iwant that some body caht with me in english

    pls see this id and started to english conversatuin with me and chat with me

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    usman khan

  6. sasan says:

    Hi,How are you?
    Could you please help me how can l download the story??????/

  7. Amir says:

    Thanks Mark. You are genius. Your materials are all impressive.

  8. Mark White says:

    Follow-up Activities.

    1. Use the internet to research the melanin milk powder scandal in China. Write a narrative which describes the events in chronological order.

    2. Discuss: What effects do scandals like this have on the possibility of free unregulated trade?

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