The Interactive Stories Method: a Free Training Course

‘Interactive Stories’ is a method for learning to speak and communicate better in English. It was developed by Mark White, of English Conversations.

It consists of telling a story. The story has both sentences and questions. The listener uses his or her imagination and responds to the questions. The listener can interact with the storyteller and help to create the story together.

“It’s an amazing approach of teaching English – very exciting and enjoyable.
It is real fun.”

Ahmed (Doha, Qatar) on the Interactive Stories method

What will I learn from this training course?

In this free training course, you will learn how to use the Interactive Stories method to improve your English speaking and listening. You will also learn how to speak naturally, using correct grammar.

“I’m touched by this method. I can imagine whole scenes what you guys described by conversation.
I think this is very helpful to learn English as English.”

Duecorda (Seoul, South Korea) on the Interactive Stories method

The training course is 5 days long. It will be delivered by email. The lessons will consist of text, audio, and video.

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