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Episode 12: The Indiscretion (passive present tense)

Aaron: A young Japanese guy is lying on a couch in an apartment in Paris.
Mark: Ok. He is lying on a couch. Ok.
Aaron: He has been bitten by a wolf.
Mark: Oh dear!
Aaron: He is recuperating.
Mark: M-hm.
Aaron: Have you ever been bitten by an animal?
Mark: Yes, I have. I have been bitten by a dog. I was bitten by a dog a long time ago. I still have the scar, I think. There. See. Can you see it on my leg? See?
Aaron: Yeah. Wow! What kind of dog was it?
Mark: A big…a big mongrel. The dog is dead now.
Aaron: M-hm.
Mark: But it’s still…the mark of its teeth is still there on my leg.
Aaron: So the mark of his teeth still lives on.
Mark: Mm.
Aaron: Interesting. Are wolves generally considered to be dangerous animals?
Mark: I think they are. Yes. I think they’re generally considered to be dangerous animals.
Aaron: They are particularly dangerous in packs.
Mark: Mm. Yes.
Aaron: The apartment is owned by a wealthy Romanian aristocrat.
Mark: M-hm.
Aaron: Is it really owned by the bank?
Mark: That is a good question. A lot of the time we think he owns that or she owns that, but really the bank owns it. So many people borrow money nowadays. I don’t like to borrow money. I like to save up and buy things.
Aaron: What part of Paris is it situated in?
Mark: It’s in Sacre Coeur, in the north.
Aaron: The Japanese guy is sharing the apartment with his sister, an English model.
Mark: Ok.
Aaron: She is not there at the moment.
Mark: Right.
Aaron: She is at a fashion show.
Mark: Ok. A fashion show. Wow!
Aaron: She is in the dressing room.
Mark: M-hm.
Aaron: She is being shown some clothes.
Mark: Ok.
Aaron: Has she been asked to try them on?
Mark: Yes, she has. She has been asked to try them on.
Aaron: She has been asked by the count to be his star model.
Mark: Ok. Her ship has come in.
Aaron: How long has she been employed by him?
Mark: She has been working for him on and off for more than a year.
Aaron: The count is in love with the young woman.
Mark: M-hm.
Aaron: He is much older than her, and she is not really romantically interested in him.
Mark: I see.
Aaron: Are you romantically involved with anyone at the moment?
Mark: Only my wife.
Aaron: The count is obsessed with the young model.
Mark: M-hm.
Aaron: Have you ever been obsessed with another person?
Mark: I guess, I have been…yes. Yes. I have been in love. Unrequited love. I loved somebody and that person didn’t love me back. Yes. Yes. I have. Yes.
Aaron: Sure. I think most people have experienced a sense of obsession with a particular person.
Mark: It’s a very painful emotion.
Aaron: I think so, too. Maybe not at first, but it certainly grows in that direction.
Mark: Mm. Mm. But you get over it.
Aaron: Yeah.
Mark: It doesn’t last forever.
Aaron: The young model…oh sorry.
Mark: It is part of growing up.
Aaron: I think so.
Mark: Mm.
Aaron: The young model resists the count’s advances, but he refuses to be put off.
Mark: Oh! He is a pushy guy.
Aaron: She is involved with a young Scottish guy.
Mark: That’s right. I remember him. The guy with long hair in London.
Aaron: That’s right. The artist.
Mark: Mm.
Aaron: How long has she been involved with him?
Mark: Six months.
Aaron: Suddenly there is a knock at the door of the apartment.
Mark: (knocking sound)
Aaron: Is the door locked?
Mark: Yes, it is.
Aaron: The Japanese guy opens the door.
Mark: M-hm.
Aaron: It is the Scottish guy.
Mark: Oh!
Aaron: Does he remember the Japanese guy?
Mark: Yes, he does.
Aaron: He has just hitchhiked from London to Paris.
Mark: Wow! It’s difficult to hitchhike in France.
Aaron: Really?
Mark: Mm.
Aaron: Why?
Mark: I don’t know, but when I was in Europe, it was really easy to hitchhike in Germany and really difficult to hitchhike in France.

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