Interactive Stories Training Course – Lesson 4

Listen and Speak

This is the part of the Interactive Story where you can practice speaking on your own. To gain maximum benefit from Listen and Speak, it is important to pay attention to the points below.

Note: Listen and Speak was designed for two or more people. If you are alone, the only thing you can do is listen to the recording and try to repeat what you hear out loud. You can listen and repeat many times if you wish. This will help your pronunciation and intonation.

Important Points to Remember in Listen and Speak:

  1. One person (the storyteller) will tell the story and read the questions. The other person (the listener) will answer the questions.
  2. The storyteller should practice SPEAKING one sentence at a time, not reading. Therefore, the storyteller should look at the listener in the eyes when speaking. This is important for improving speaking. Otherwise, the storyteller is only getting reading practice. Go slowly!
  3. The listener should close his/her eyes when listening and speaking. This stimulates the imagination and makes the story more powerful and colorful.
  4. The listener should practice saying “uh-huh” or “OK” or “I see” when the storyteller pauses. This lets the storyteller know that the listener understands. If the listener doesn’t understand, then the listener should ask the storyteller for clarification by saying, for example, “I don’t understand” or “Could you say that again” or “What does that mean?” Here is an example:

    Storyteller: There was a man.
    Listener: Uh-huh
    Storyteller: He went in to a café.
    Listener: OK.
    Storyteller: Was it crowded?
    Listener: Yes, it was.
    Storyteller: He ordered a drink.
    Listener: Uh-huh.
    Storyteller: Was it a latte?
    Listener: What does “latte” mean?
    Storyteller: It is a type of milky coffee.
    Listener: I see. Thanks.
    Storyteller: So, was it a latte?
    Listener: Yes, it is.
    Storyteller: Uh-uh! That’s wrong. You should say: “Yes it WAS.”
    Listener: I see. Yes, it was.

  5. Whenever possible, the listener should try to answer questions in complete sentences. For example, if the storyteller asks “What color was the dog?” the listener should answer “It was brown,” not “Brown.” This is VERY important for learning to speak naturally, with correct grammar.
  6. The listener should also try to expand on his or her answers. For example, in response to “What color was the dog?” the listener can answer, “It was brown. It was a big, brown dog with white spots. It had short fur and small, pointy ears.”
  7. The listener should, whenever possible, try to have further conversation with the storyteller. This can be done by asking the storyteller a question. So, in the above example of the dog, the listener could ask, “Do you like dogs?” or “Have you ever had a dog?” Conversation is good for your speaking! When both the storyteller and listener are finished with a conversation, the storyteller can come back to the story by reading (speaking) the next line.
  8. It is possible to have more than one listener. In this case, the storyteller should practice asking questions to a single person with eye contact or by pointing to them or by saying that person’s name. Further conversation can be stimulated by asking another person, “What do you think?” or “How about you?”

Task #4
Download either of the following files containing the story text:

Get together with friend or group of friends, choose a storyteller, and begin Listen and Speak. The important thing is to have fun and use your imagination, while following the points above. If you do so, you will give your English speaking ability a great workout.

To find a partner to do Listen and Speak online, visit our Interactive Stories Partner Linkup Service.

If you have any questions about Listen and Speak, leave them in the comments section below. Have fun!

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    • Mark White says:

      Hi Grig

      Are you in Athens, Thessalonika? I spent a lot of time in Greece in the early eighties. I love it there.

      “Meelao leego Ellinika. Echo kapsi yia tin Ellatha!”

      I am really interested in stories. We store information in stories.

      And as you say creating “reality” is the key.

      Did you work in theatre as an actor or a musician or a director…?

      Theatre is wonderful!

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    • Aaron says:

      Hi Trang….this part was designed to be done in groups, so it isn’t easy to “have conversation” with yourself. However, you can pause the recording after each question and practice speaking your own responses out loud. In addition, you can practice re-telling each episode on your own. You could even record your own voice and listen to it later. It isn’t ideal, but it’s better than nothing. Ultimately, you will need to find people to speak English with…….

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    Hi Tatyana and Alexander

    That is really interesting. Of course our answers to the questions will be different according to our mental state at the time of answering. You can work through each story with a partner and it will never be the same.

    You can work through the same story with the same partner and it will never be exactly the same because we have different moods; different mental outlooks; different perceptions at the time of answering.

    I am glad you are finding the technique useful. Where are you? Eastern Europe? Croatia, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic?

    Thanks for taking the time to give us some feedback

    cheers Mark

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    We tried also to do this from various points of view:
    – Now you’re sleepy 🙂
    – Now you’re angry 🙂
    – Now you’re hungry 🙂
    – Now you must be as much polite as it might ever be possible 🙂
    – Now imagine you’re asked by a Japanise female policeman (policewoman:):):)
    And all these were answers for one and the same question!!!
    We really were trying to succeed in conforming to your instruction: “Have fun!”
    Thanks for having fun with mutual effect!
    Good luck!
    Alex & Tanya

    • Aaron says:

      Thanks Tanya and Alex….it is good to know you are *having fun* – a very important element of deep learning that many schools tend to forget. Children learn naturally by playing and having fun, so why shouldn’t we, too?

      See you around….

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    Finally, I would like to thank you for your efforts

    • Mark White says:

      Hi Ala

      You are right. This story only covers a limited range of topics.

      The whole Water Car course contains references to different topics such as study, the environment, business, travel, the legal system, crime, technology but not all topics are covered.

      There are other interactive stories however. Have you seen the whole list of stories we have? You can find them on this page:

      What topics are interesting or necessary for you. Let us know and we can write stories specially for you.

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    by the way.. when I speak english I feel nervous… I scare.. 😐
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    • Mark White says:

      It sounds like your problem is the nervousness. When we speak or write, it is more demanding than when we listen and read. It is more active.

      Some people call listening and reading “passive skills” while speaking and writing are “active skills”.

      Of course all skills are related and all skills are important but when we communicate face to face in language a lot of things are happening. A lot of things are going on. It makes me nervous when I speak to some people too. You are not alone.

      Try to breathe deeply and relax and overcome your nervousness. Analyze it. Think about it. Tell us about what you come up with. God luck!

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    • Mark White says:

      Hi Patricia

      You have to educate your daughter. Is she “too cool for school”? Tell her to help her mother. I bet shje knows less than she thinks and I bet you know more than you think.

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    • Mark White says:

      We are trying to put together another course but we have to answer all these comments and work Monday to Friday and take care of our families so it is pretty hectic! Have you got a family?

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