The Water Car – Episode 4 – Listen and Read

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The Water Car
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Episode 4: The Change – Listen and Read (present progressive)

Aaron: It is early in the morning in a Japanese guy’s apartment.
Mark: It is always in the morning.
Aaron: He is asleep in his bed.
Mark: M-hm.
Aaron: He is dreaming about global warming.
Mark: Global warming.
Aaron: The ice at the North Pole is melting.
Mark: I know.
Aaron: The ice at the South Pole is melting.
Mark: I know!
Aaron: The sea level is rising.
Mark: It certainly is!
Aaron: Is the sea level really rising?
Mark: Yes, it is. Look at the statistics. Look at them. It is rising.
Aaron: There are typhoons and tornadoes.
Mark: M-hm.
Aaron: Are there tornadoes in Japan?
Mark: No, there aren’t.
Aaron: The earth is changing. Is it getting cooler?
Mark: Hang on a minute.
Aaron: Yes?
Mark: Go slower.
Aaron: Ok.
Mark: The earth is changing.
Aaron: Uh-huh.
Mark: Uh-huh.
Aaron: Ok. Is it getting cooler?
Mark: No, it is not. It is not getting cooler.
Aaron: Many people are dying.
Mark: Uh-huh. People are always dying.
Aaron: That is true.
Mark: Living and dying.
Aaron: Suddenly the guy wakes up.
Mark: Ah! This is a dream.
Aaron: Could be. He looks out the window.
Mark: Ok. The window. Ok. He looks out the window. Ok.
Aaron: The sun is shining.
Mark: Uh-huh.
Aaron: Is it raining?
Mark: Well, no, it is not. You said the sun is shining.
Aaron: But sometimes it rains when the sun shines.
Mark: You are right. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes it rains when the sun shines. Sometimes it rains when the sun is shining. You are right. That happens. That happens sometimes. Sometimes that happens.
Aaron: And it is beautiful.
Mark: It is beautiful.
Aaron: It is beautiful.
Mark: In Japan they call it “Fox’s Wedding”.
Aaron: Really?
Mark: Mm.
Aaron: It is a beautiful day but it is very, very hot.
Mark: “Kitsune no yome-iri”. A beautiful day. A fox’s wedding. A hot day.
Aaron: The guy gets ready for the university then he leaves his house.
Mark: Ok.
Aaron: He walks to the station.
Mark: Ok. The station. Ok.
Aaron: How long does it take?
Mark: It takes about fifteen or twenty minutes.
Aaron: At the station he sees a friend.
Mark: Oh. Good.
Aaron: What is the friend doing?
Mark: He is checking his email on his mobile phone.
Aaron: What is he wearing?
Mark: He is wearing a pair of black slacks, a pair of long black leather shoes which are much too long for his feet and a black t-shirt and a thin necklace and on his wrist he has a gaudy silver bracelet but he is not wearing a watch.
Aaron: Do they talk?
Mark: Yes, they do. A little.
Aaron: On the train the guy sees the beautiful woman.
Mark: Oh Wow! Again!
Aaron: Again. She is wearing a colorful shirt.
Mark: Oh beautiful.
Aaron: Is she wearing jeans?
Mark: No, she is not. She is not wearing jeans.
Aaron: What kind of shoes is she wearing?
Mark: She is wearing flat-soled black Chinese kung fu shoes.
Aaron: Is she wearing a headscarf?
Mark: Yes, she is. She is wearing a colorful batik headscarf and her hair is wrapped up and tied in the scarf.
Aaron: Mm. Is she wearing make-up?
Mark: No, she is not. She is not wearing any make-up. She is not wearing lipstick. She is not wearing eye shadow. She is not wearing rouge. She is not wearing eyeliner. She is not wearing any make-up. She is very, very beautiful but she is not wearing any make-up. She doesn’t need make-up. No woman needs make-up.
Aaron: I agree. Is she wearing any earrings?
Mark: Yes, she is. She is wearing two earrings. She is wearing one earring on her right ear and she is wearing one earring on her left ear. Her earrings are very simple.
Aaron: She is wearing a necklace.
Mark: M-hm.
Aaron: What is on it?
Mark: There is a small ornament on her necklace. It is very small and in my imagination I look at it but I cannot see it. It is small and beautiful but I cannot see it closely in my imagination.

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