ISPLS – Interactive Stories Partner Linkup Service

Interactive Stories are stories where you interact with the storyteller. You need a storyteller AND a listener who interacts. You can link up with a partner here.

Originally Interactive Stories were used in the classroom, but due to the digital revolution, we can now create a huge virtual classroom.

You can find an interactive story partner on this website and then use an internet audio application (Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, etc.) to link up with your partner in another country or another continent.

We can all work together and help each other to improve our speaking and listening language skills and our vocabulary.

You can also use Interactive Stories to improve your grammar because they start simple and get progressively more complicated in grammar.

How to Do It?

Just choose an Interactive Story (from the list below) that matches your level and leave your name and contact ID in the comments section at the bottom of the page (you can use a made-up name or ID if you want so you can ditch the ID if you have trouble with spam).

Go to the page for the story that matches your level and then write your name and contact details (and the Interactive Story that you want to work on) in a comment like on a noticeboard and wait for somebody to contact you.

You could also browse the contact details that other people leave and contact the other person first.

So you want to write a short introductory message and leave your contact details.

Here is an example:


My name is Anwar and I am from Malaysia.

I am interested in the Interactive Story The Big Dream . It is a lower intermediate level interactive story. I am looking for a partner to work through that story.

My contact details are



(Note these are made-up IDs not real ones so do not try to contact this person. It is an imaginary person. It is not a real person.)

List of Interactive Stories


The Banjo Player’s Brother

Upper Intermediate

World of Water

The Story of Green Willow

The Obsession

Tibetan Story


Yamashita’s Gold

The Water Car

The Ghost of Phra Ka Nong

The Two Lovers

Lower Intermediate or Beginner

The Big Dream

Nurse Story

Asian Odyssey

International Business Story

You can also download the audio for an entire Interactive Story: The Water Car – a Complete English Language Course.

If you do not want to work on an interactive story but you just want a partner to talk with, click the link and go to the ECPLS – English Conversation Partner Linkup Service page.

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    I’m looking for a partner to start working with to improve our English with reading interactive stories.
    This is my e-mail address:
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  11. eslam says:

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