Nurse Story

Synopsis: Nurse Story is a low intermediate interactive story, which follows the life of a young Japanese nurse in her interactions with people at work and in her personal life and on holiday. It was written as a course for young Japanese nursing students who have to take an English course and has worked well with a number of classes.
The syntax that we focus on in this story is listed on the first page under contents and there are twelve episodes. There are also some situations and events which focus on the needs of English for special purpose (medical) students.

Download the text: Nurse Story (PDF), by Mark White

1. The New Job (“be” verb)
2. The Restaurant (there is/are)
3. The Phone Number (present simple tense, “do, does”)
4. The Old Lady (present continuous tense, “be” verb “ing”)
5. The Date (future “going to” tense)
6. The Handsome Young Guy (present perfect tense)
7. The Ambulance (conditionals, “would”)
8. The Share-mate (“will” future)
9. The Little Girl (gerunds, verb plus “ing”)
10.The Gold Necklace (comparatives “er”)
11. The Bad Boyfriend (superlatives)
12. Thailand (miscellaneous patterns)

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  23. Mark White says:

    Sorry but there are no other versions on audio. There are only the texts.

    There is only one full story on audio. That is Water Car but it is not a free one.


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