Our Lady of the City


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The Characters of this Story for Drama

a beautiful innocent young girl
an amorous soldier
a corrupt priest
a hunchbacked monster
a sickly grandmother
a crowd of people
three musicians

The Story

in Past Simple Tense

The Interactive Story

(with questions)

The Phrases

(with variations in other languages)

The Add-ons

– Past Continuous Tense

The Add-ons

– Past Perfect Tense

The Add-ons – Relative Clauses

The Add-ons – Passive Voice

The Add-ons – Conditionals

The Add-ons – Reported Speech

The Add -ons

Phrasal Verbs

Our Lady of the City is loosely based on the novel:

“Notre Dame of Paris” by Victor Hugo.

I took the gypsy out.

The gypsy figures as a major character in

Carmen – the Kiss of Passion

The hunchback or monster also figures as a character in

the Children of Kenji Takeuchi.

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