The Adventures of Roy Bean

The Adventures of Roy Bean is a self-study listen and speak course based on the Interactive Stories method.

Roy Bean is a real historical person. He lived in Texas, New Orleans, California, and Mexico from 1825 to 1903. You can practice your English, develop your vocabulary, and learn about this historical period at the same time.

The story has been written in graded English for intermediate level English learners.

The Adventures of Roy Bean is an interactive story so it contains questions. The idea is to listen to the text on mp3 file and answer the questions. Improve your English by practicing listening and speaking.

Listen to Episode 1 now.

Download The Adventures of Roy Bean from The Store.

If you have any questions or comments about the story, please leave them in the comments section below.

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5 Responses to “The Adventures of Roy Bean”

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  1. Zakirhussain says:

    You guys are doing really a wonderful job…keep the stuff on.

  2. clement says:

    i have read the story and i have found it very interesting indeed. im a good stories reader for long and i must admit that this has been indeed very helping to me because i have learned a lot in term of vocabularies and other matters i considers very important in english.

  3. wafi says:

    hi friends ….are there any news about english?…is there anyone intersted in british civilization?

  4. teotonio monteiro freitas says:


  5. VIR says:


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