Interactive Stories – What People Are Saying

Just look at what learners from all over the world are saying about the Interactive Stories method:

“They are very good to learn English and the same time I can learn about others cultures.” – Humberto (Madeira, Portugal)

“It’s a useful and interesting way of learning English.” – Le Thuy (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)

“The best way of learning English.” – Haluk (Istanbul, Turkey)

“Thanks a lot for this original idea. It’s cool.” – Irine (Moscow, Russia)

“It’s an amazing approach of teaching English – very exciting and enjoyable. It is real fun. Thank you so much.” Ahmed (Doha, Qatar)

“This is a great idea!! Talk about interactive!!” – Simon (Kagoshima, Japan)

“This is a wonderful initiative. The texts are very interesting and deserve applause.” – Carlos (Niteroi, Brazil)

“Your method is so natural. I would rate it # 1 – Matchless. You have adopted the most natural way to learn language. God bless you.” – Asif Iqbal (Islamabad, Pakistan)

“Your technique is really fantastic and it is much helpful to improve English.” – Dr. Ch. Abrar Majid (Islamabad, Pakistan)

“All these stories are of great help to increase vocabulary and listening skill.” – Christina Garcia (Mexico City, Mexico)

“I’m an English teacher in Spain who trains Spanish students who are preparing to work in shops and I think this type of material is very useful to help my classes so thank you very much for them!” – Manolo (Barcelona, Spain)

“I’m touched by this method. I can imagine whole scenes what you guys described by conversation. I think this is very helpful to learn English as English.” – Duecorda (Seoul, South Korea)

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