An Explanatory Note – “to be held responsible”

At what age should people be held responsible? (passive)

At what age should we hold people responsible? (active)

From what age should society hold people responsible? (active)

Sentence Variations

Children are generally not held to be criminally responsible for their actions until they are mature.

Children are generally not thought to be criminally responsible for their actions until they are sixteen.

Young people are generally not held criminally liable for their actions until they have reached a certain age.

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  1. ahmed says:

    i hope to give me more information

  2. ahmed says:

    thanks for join and i hope to learn

  3. Valere BERAMBAYE says:

    I am not agree with this part of law. Today many children do voluntarily the criminal actions because they are sure they don’t hold for responsible of their actions,juvenile deliquency comes from there.

    • Koestomo says:

      As Valere Berambaye said : “I am not agree with this part of law”. If I’m not mistaken , “AGREE” is a verb (to agree). So, which sentence is correct, ‘I am not agree’ or ‘I do not agree’. I’m sorry, I am not sure, wether I’m right or wrong.

      Sincerely yours,

      Jakarta, 28th of April, 2010.

  4. adul says:

    thanx u . it very helpfull me ..

    • Koestomo says:

      Adul said : Thank u. It very helpfull me.
      I’m rather confuse towards this sentence. Maybe I’m wrong. Did he (she?) mean : Thank you. It is very helpful for me.


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