An Explanatory Note – “to be romantically involved”

The young banjo player got romantically involved with an artist.

1. He got involved with her.

2. He became involved with her.

3. He was involved with her.

“He got involved” emphasises the active process or action of getting involved.

“He was involved” implies an ongoing or continuous and static state or condition of being involved.

“He became involved” is the same as “he got involved” but is more formal-sounding.

All three forms are possible in this case. They are all forms of the passive. We see it can be formed with “be”, “get” or “become” plus the past participle (in this case “involved”).

Other Nuances:

He was involved in the matter. (This refers to involvement in a business or other affair, which is not romantic.)

It was very involved. (It was difficult, complicated or long)

Watch for this sentence in the text:

He became involved with a gang and robbed banks for a living.

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