The Big Dream

Synopsis: The Big Dream is a low intermediate level interactive story, which roughly follows the plot of the Charles Dickens story Great Expectations. It adapts it to a Japanese setting and tells the story of a young Japanese orphan who grows up and leaves his country home for the city and later New York City, where he finally meets the mysterious benefactor who has influenced his life so much.

The syntax that we focus on in this story is listed on the first page under contents and there are thirteen episodes so if a class does one episode a week, the story can last roughly a term/semester.

The Big Dream

Listen to Episode 1: The Graveyard (mp3), voices by Mark White and Hiromi Campbell. Note: this is meant to be an example of what a guided story might sound like when two people engage with it in a classroom setting.


1. The Graveyard (“be” verbs)
2. The Strange Old Woman (there is/there are)
3. The Letter from a Stranger (present simple)
4. The Attack in the Park (present perfect)
5. The Transfer (present continuous)
6. The Trip to New York (future “going to”)
7. The Restaurant (“would” conditionals)
8. Working in New York (gerunds)
9. The Rich Stranger (one/some/almost all of them)
10. The Bad Day (adjective plus infinitive)
11. The Old Man (should)
12. The New Job (comparatives)
13. The Temple (used to)

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  1. Adam says:

    It’s really interesting. Thanks

  2. sudip nepal says:

    I am interested in the Interactive Story The Big Dream

  3. zainab says:

    how I can Listen to another 12 Episodes ?

  4. Kevin says:

    My name is Kevin and I am from Ecuador.
    I am interested in the Interactive Story The Big Dream . It is a lower intermediate level interactive story. I am looking for a partner to work through that story.
    My contact details are

  5. srinivasan says:

    Dear Sir,
    It is very useful…but what about end of the story…whether he married to European women or his village girl…

  6. Vannak says:

    Wow! It’s really good for me and for my students
    I’d like to thanks for making that for us.
    May God bless you.

  7. mana maya kc says:

    This is very usefull for me.
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  8. Syam T.K. says:

    I would like to get an active interactive partner to improve my fluency.Can anybody be?

  9. R.Kamalarajan says:

    Hi Mark,
    Thank your very much for listening activities. it is very helpful to my students.
    Thank you again

  10. arti patel says:

    my name is arti patel . i m realy interested your story. this way is relay help me my speak english & listening english. pls help me i need your help.


  11. NOOR says:

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    your way is very good than; you for hellping

  12. Lucid says:

    Hi Mark!
    This is very useful for me thank you so much , keep it up! May God Bless You!Once again thank you!


  13. Maria Shipka says:

    Thank you much for all do to help people in all around world
    how to learn and improve the speaking and listening abilities.
    I very like to learn through the interactive stories,
    by listening the stories on my iPod.
    I downloanded the text and mp3 of The big dreams” episode but
    I found that there is only a first audio- mp3 part of it available.
    My question is if there are also the next parts of audio-records
    available. I would be very happy if I could to get them all.
    Once again thank you for this site.
    With my best regards

    • Aaron says:

      Hi Maria….glad you like The Big Dream. Unfortunately, we only recorded one of the episodes, as an example of what you can do with a partner of your own. Sorry, but it takes lots of time and effort to record a whole series of story episodes.

      If you are looking for a complete set of recordings for an Interactive Story, why don’t you take a look at The Water Car?

  14. naresh says:

    your interactive story has made huge impact on my English grammar.
    I am very thankful to you. I am learning a lot from your site.

  15. kumarasiri says:

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    Very usefull …
    wish you all for the future
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  16. Yamuna Sanjeewani says:

    i wish i could have a interactive partner to work with this story and i am an english teacher from sri lanka . I think my English knowledge is ok yet need to be fluent. if anyone interested pls let me know by mailing me –

  17. Mark White says:

    That is right. You can find the full text version of all the stories here for free. There is one story for sale in audio. That is the “Water Car”.

  18. kapil kumar says:

    in main interactive story link “Interactive Stories”, in this section all story are stories full version?

  19. Jane says:


    This is a great way to teach speaking to english learners, but where can I find other MP3 for the rest of the stories? Thanks very much in advance.


  20. Carlos says:

    It’s an excellent tool to guide my students. Thank you very much Mark.

    where ca I get the other episodes?

    Carlos from Armenia-Quindio, Colombia

  21. Andrey says:

    ?ool! Very very good story!

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    It is great. The stories are very excellent. I like it, site.
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  30. hamada says:

    thanks a lot. these stories are very useful for me.

  31. Mohammed Derhim says:

    I want to rest parts the store like The Strange Old Woman (there is/there are)
    Your sound is very very nice.

  32. The Strange Old Woman (there is/there are) says:

    thank very very very much

  33. Chris Choi says:


    I think that the woman in this conversation, Graveyard, seems to hate answer. She is boring and not exellent. In addition to that, her voice isn’t clear. Is there any reason ? Is it a another way to improve listening skills for us who is not fluent in English ?

  34. alessandro says:

    i wish i could download the conversations to my mp3 device, but i just can’t do it, anybody can help me? by the way, the english teaching is very good

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    May you live long and help the people in the same way

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  38. shahrazad says:

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  39. Mark White says:

    Thanks Asif

    Just click on the link above . The texts are free. You don’t have to pay anything.

    cheers Mark

  40. asif iqbal says:

    dear sir,

    your method is SO NATURAL, i would rate it # 1, MATCHLESS.
    you have adopted the most natural way to learn language, GOD BLESS YOU.

    how can i buy them, and what is their price.


  41. Mark White says:

    Hi Carlos,
    thanks for your kind words. The real conversations can be downloaded to your mp3 player by clicking the download. Unfortunately there is no audio for the interactive stories. They are intended to be lessons for speaking practice.

    You can practice listening by listening to “real conversations”in the metro. You can practice speaking and listening and grammar together by working on an interactive story with a friend, who is also an English learner.

    cheers Mark

  42. Carlos says:

    Hi folks,
    this is a wonderful initiative, the texts are very interesting and deserves applauses, but it is possible to liberate download of the dialogues to hear in the metro, for example?
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    Hi Fernanda
    there is no oral part
    It is just a lesson to use with a friend
    cheers Mark

  44. Fernanda says:

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