The Ghost of Phra Ka Nong

Synopsis: The Ghost of Phra Ka Nong is an intermediate/lower intermediate level interactive story, which follows the story of two lovers in Thailand. The story is based on the famous Thai ghost story “Pi Maak”, which took place in Phra Ka Nong, Bangkok over a hundred years ago. There are thireen episodes.

Download the text: The Ghost of Phra Ka Nong (pdf), by Mark White

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  1. Essam Abd Elaleem says:

    my name is essam, i’m interested in the story and trying to find a partner
    my msn id is : essam,

  2. Manuel Garza says:


    I think this is an excellent way to learn/teach English, or any language …

    Thanks very much … May Gos Bless

  3. Naresh Malhotra says:

    A wonderful job by Mark. I really appreciate his sincere efforts. I wish him good luck for his future en devours also.
    Naresh Malhotra, Delhi, India