The Secret of the Black Drink

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It was a hot day. What month was it? The sun was beating down on the city. Was it high in the sky? A man was in a drugstore. Did it have large plate glass windows at the front.? He was working. Do you have a job? He was working in the drugstore. Have you ever worked in a drugstore? It was his drugstore. Do you own any property? He was the owner. How long had he owned it? He was mixing a drink. Was he mixing it in a tall glass? The man was making a medicinal drink. Was he wearing an apron? It was a painkiller. Are you in pain, right now? The man was a veteran of the war. Have you ever fought in a war? He was a colonel. Is a colonel higher than a major? He had a terrible wound on his chest. Have you ever been badly injured? The wound caused the Colonel a lot of pain. Have you ever used painkillers?

The Colonel stirred the drink. Did he stir it with a spoon or a fork? He stirred it well. Did he spill any? He mixed eight different ingredients into the drink. Did he write a list of the ingredients on a piece of paper? The Colonel lifted the glass and examined the mixture in it. Have you had your eyes examined recently? The mixture was black. What is your favourite colour? It was black syrup. Do you take sugar in your coffee? The Colonel put the mixture down on the counter. Was it a marble counter? He looked around. Did he have good vision?

A group of customers came in. Were they well-dressed? The Colonel knew the customers. Did he know them well? He talked to them. Did he talk about the war? He served them drinks. Have you ever worked as a butler? They wanted soda. What is carbonated water? He poured the soda from a soda fountain. Did it have a silver tap? He added syrup to their glasses. Do you wear glasses normally? Then he added soda. Why is bi-carbonate of soda used in bread? The drinks frothed and creamed and bobbled. Did they run over the sides? The customers sat at stools on the bar and sipped their drinks. Did they seem comfortable? They engaged in idle conversation with the Colonel.

While he was talking the Colonel became distracted. Are you easily distracted? He accidentally poured some soda into the black syrup. Did he spill any? It frothed and bubbled. Did it flow over the sides of the glass? The Colonel smelled it. It smelled good. Do you have good sense of smell? He smelled it then he tasted it. It tasted good. Do you like the taste of sweet things? It tasted refreshing. He took another sip. It was delicious. It was a delicious black drink. Did the bubbles tickle the Colonel’s nose? The Colonel had just invented a delicious new black medicinal drink. It had bubbles in it. Have you ever had a bubble bath?

The customers asked the Colonel about the black drink. They asked him about it. Are you an inquisitive person? They asked him what was in it. What is in your bag? He did not tell them. He did not tell them the recipe. It was a secret. Are you able to keep a secret? The customers tried the Colonel’s black drink. They liked it. They all liked it. They agreed that it was very refreshing. Is the customer always right? It was refreshing and invigorating. Do you enjoy vigorous physical exercise? It was a tonic. Does tonic water prevent malaria? The Colonel made some more of the black drink.

The following day the Colonel had a terrible pain in his chest. Have you ever had a chest x-ray? He had been wounded in the war. Have you ever been in a war? He had been wounded with a sabre. What is a sabre? He had been cut across the chest with a sabre. Do you like cold cuts? It was a terrible wound. It was extremely painful. Have you ever taken morphine? It still caused the Colonel a lot of pain. He had been treated in a field hospital. Have you ever been in hospital? He had become addicted to morphine then he was not able to get morphine for a while. Is morphine available without a prescription? He had started to drink a lot of alcohol. Did he drink whiskey or rum? He had become an alcoholic. He drank alcohol and he took morphine if it was available. He drank alcohol and he took morphine because he was always in pain. Each breath hurt. Do you have good lungs? Each inhalation caused him pain. Each exhalation was also painful. Every time he breathed in and out, he felt the pain twice. Does lightning strike in the same place twice? It was a terrible pain.The Colonel made some more of the refreshing black drink. Did it take long? He drank it. It eased his pain. He felt better. He opened his store. Some customers came in. What were they wearing?

The Widow

The Colonel talked to the customers. He offered them some of the black drink. Are you thirsty? It was very popular. Were you popular at high school? One of the Colonel’s friends came in. She was a war widow. Was she wearing black? The Colonel had been a friend of her husband. Had they been close friends? He had fought along side her husband in the war. When did the American Civil War end? They had served in the same regiment. Have you ever served in the military? They had fought side by side against the enemy. The Colonel had been wounded but the other man had been killed. Had he been killed by a rifle shot or by a sabre cut or had he been blown to pieces by a cannonball?

The Colonel talked to the widow. She was a very educated lady. She had been to Paris. Have you been to Paris? She spoke French. Had she studied in France? Have you studied in France? She had been to Italy. Have you been to Italy? She spoke Italian. Had she studied in Italy? Have you studied in Italy?

The lady was not feeling very well. How are you feeling right now? She was feeling out of sorts. Do you feel out of sorts on full moon? The lady sat at a table and wiped her brow with a handkerchief. Do you have handkerchief? She felt dizzy and weak. The Colonel gave her a drink. He gave her the black drink. It was a medicinal drink. It contained eight secret ingredients. What are the ingredients of pancakes? The Colonel dropped the syrup into the glass then he added the soda. It frothed and bubbled. He took it over to the lady. She picked it up and smelled it. Did the bubbles tickle her nose?

The lady drank the drink down. Do you feel down? She drank it down and she felt better. Did she feel invigorated? She felt better and she asked for more. Did she feel refreshed? It was delicious. Did he taste buds feel stimulated? It was delicious and it was refreshing. It was invigorating. It really made the lady feel a whole lot better. Did her dizziness disappear?

The following day the lady told her friends about the refreshing black drink. Did she have a lot of friends? She told her friends about the refreshing black drink which she had had at the Colonel’s drugstore. Was the drugstore on a busy street? She told them about it and she invited them to go there with her and try the refreshing medicinal drink. Did she send a written invitation? It was medicinal but it was also refreshing on a hot day. It was a wonderful drink and it was non-alcoholic. Is the sale of alcohol restricted in your country?

The lady took her friends to the Colonel’s drugstore and they all tried the black drink. How long had the Colonel owned the drugstore? They all declared that it was refreshing. Was it carbonated? They all declared that it was invigorating. Was it a “pick me up”? They all declared that it was delicious. Had they ever tasted anything like it before? The fame of the black drink spread. People came from far and wide. They came from far and wide to taste the black drink. Did they come from other cities?

Soon the Colonel’s drugstore was very busy. How many staff did the Colonel employ? Everybody came to the drugstore to try the black drink. It was a huge success. Do you know how to win friends and be successful? It was refreshing and invigorating. It was a medicine and a refreshment at the same time. It was hugely popular. Was it expensive? The black drink alleviated the Colonel’s pain to some extent but not completely. He still suffered and he still had an alcohol problem. Is alcoholism a problem in your society? He became famous because of his invention but he grew more withdrawn because of his medical condition.

The Businessman

The lady introduced the Colonel to a friend. He was a businessman. Is the pharmaceutical industry a more profitable business than oil? He tried the black drink. He was really impressed by it. He was impressed by its medicinal properties. Was Renoir an Impressionist? He was also impressed by its refreshing quality. Do you like the Impressionists? The businessman went away but he came back again. he went away and he thought about the Colonel’s black drink. He thought about the Colonel’s black drink and he decided to make the Colonel an offer. He decided to buy the recipe for black drink. He decided to buy the recipe for the black drink but the Colonel did not want to sell the recipe. Had the Colonel patented his formula?

The Colonel did not want to sell the recipe. Did he want to keep it for his family and friends? He did not want to sell the recipe but he agreed to sell the syrup in bulk. Did he make the syrup himself or did he get somebody to help? He agreed to sell barrels of syrup to the businessman. How many litres does a barrel hold? Why did the businessman want to buy barrels of syrup? What is the difference between a litre and a gallon? The businessman sold the syrup to drugstores in other cities. Is there a drugstore on every corner in the United States? Soon the black drink was famous all over the east coast. What is the largest city on the east coast? Then it was famous all over the country. It was famous all over the country but you could not get it in a bottle. Do you prefer to drink from a bottle or from a glass or a can? You could only get it in a glass at a soda fountain in a drugstore. Do you believe in the fountain of youth? It was not sold in bottles. The businessman made lot of money from the sale of the black drink. Was it sold in other countries as well? The Colonel made some money but the businessman made more. Was the Colonel exploited? The businessman earned more than the Colonel. Finally the Colonel agreed to sell up. Was his health failing? He sold up and the businessman bought him out.

The businessman started his own black drink factory. He produced the syrup from the eight secret ingredients. What was the ninth ingredient?

The businessman bottled the black drink. Was it put into large bottles or small bottles? He bottled it and he sent it all over the country. Were the bottles made of glass? It became the most popular drink in the country. When was plastic invented? The businessman grew rich. The businessman grew rich but the Colonel died and he was buried. He was buried and he was forgotten. Was the Colonel buried or cremated?

The Black Drink Company

The Black Drink Company continued to grow. It became a public company. It was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It was no longer controlled by the original businessman. It was no longer a family business. It had become a huge corporation. It was controlled by a CEO and a Board of Directors. It was owned by shareholders. The shares of the company were traded on the stock market.

Were the shares purchased by investors in other countries?

The recipe for the black drink was kept secret. It was always kept secret from the public. It was kept secret from competitors. Why was it kept secret?

New black drink bottling plants were built. They were built in cities all across the country. Many people were employed in the bottling plants.

The Court Case

The Black Drink Company was sued by the government. The government had a drug and health administration agency. The drug and health administration agency wanted to regulate the company. The government agency wanted to find out the content of the black drink formula. The government wanted to find out the recipe but the black drink company wanted to keep the recipe a secret.

Finally there was a court case. It was argued by the government agency that the black drink was a medicine. It was argued by the black drink company lawyers that the black drink was a refreshment. The executives of the black drink company were forced to divulge their recipe to the court. The court ruled that the drink was a drug or medicine. The formula had to be changed. A new recipe had to be created.

Scientists and chefs and food and beverage experts from all over the world were consulted. Consultants were engaged. Contractors were hired. A lot of people were paid a lot of money. Finally a new formula was developed. The new black drink was produced. It was given a new ingredient. The new ingredient was sugar. Now it was a sweet black drink. Does sugar cause obesity?

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