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  1. The Water Car is a very good and interesting story. Thank you, Mark and Aaron.

  2. mahmoud asghariadib says:

    Your Course is not only like an angel, attractive, cool, red apples, and sunlight but also, is a way of living because you described the situation while teaching us something deep & important each time.
    If the government said no, what would you do?
    I would try again
    Would you give up?
    No I would not. I would not give up I would never give up. I would persevere.
    Talking about Love is very interesting. It is interesting for everybody. Everybody Love Love.
    Let’s Work together.
    Lawyers are real.
    How can you measure life?
    Patience is good. Patient is a virtue. We must be patient. We need to be patient. We should be patient. We should all be patient. We should all be very patient.
    The guy and the woman talked for a long time. They laughed and cried and hugged each other.
    Lovers should talk about their problems. All of us should talk about our problems. The two lovers have had a hard life but they are happy because they have each other.
    And I want to add another sentence to this collection:
    Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things. No good ever dies.
    In the end I want to recommend this course to all my friends around the world who are keen on learning English.
    Special Thanks to Mr.Aron & Mark for this fascinating course.
    yours faithfully

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