Yamashita's Gold

Synopsis: Yamashita's Gold is an intermediate/lower intermediate level interactive story, which follows the journey of a young Japanese woman and her uncle on a trip to the Philippines to find the lost treasure of General Yamashita. There are fifteen episodes.

Download the text: Yamashita's Gold (pdf), by Mark White


1. The Tallest Girl in the Class (“be” verbs)
2. The Football Player (there is/are)
3. The Bearded Foreigner (present tense)
4. The Two Angry Men (present continuous)
5. The Dutch Guy (present perfect)
6. A Romantic Relationship (comparatives)
7. The Treasure Map (“would” conditionals)
8. Dinner with Uncle Taro (future “going to”)
9. The Environmental Scientist (gerunds)
10. Meeting up in Manila (mixed patterns)
11. The Trip to the Islands (mixed patterns)
12.The Castaway (mixed patterns)
13. Yamashita’s Gold (past tense)
14. The Plan (general patterns)
15. The Fight (present perfect passive and active)