Yamashita's Gold

Synopsis: Yamashita's Gold is an intermediate/lower intermediate level interactive story, which follows the journey of a young Japanese woman and her uncle on a trip to the Philippines to find the lost treasure of General Yamashita. There are fifteen episodes.

Download the text: Yamashita's Gold (pdf), by Mark White


1. The Tallest Girl in the Class (“be” verbs)
2. The Football Player (there is/are)
3. The Bearded Foreigner (present tense)
4. The Two Angry Men (present continuous)
5. The Dutch Guy (present perfect)
6. A Romantic Relationship (comparatives)
7. The Treasure Map (“would” conditionals)
8. Dinner with Uncle Taro (future “going to”)
9. The Environmental Scientist (gerunds)
10. Meeting up in Manila (mixed patterns)
11. The Trip to the Islands (mixed patterns)
12.The Castaway (mixed patterns)
13. Yamashita’s Gold (past tense)
14. The Plan (general patterns)
15. The Fight (present perfect passive and active)

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  1. nany says:

    wonderful way to learn english i wish a nice time for all thanks for your care

  2. hayadr says:

    If someone can help me to learn English I will help him also to learn English

  3. agt. says:

    These stories are fantastic, I think it is the best way to learn grammar. Thank you.

  4. Gohar says:

    do this stories have audio and video too? If yes, can you please tell me how i can get them?

  5. Gohar says:

    Skype….Areg Lalayan Armenia

  6. madhuri says:

    this story is very nice . the main thing which i like most that you include question also with which we can learn to put up questions.

    • Mark White says:


      The idea is to answer the questions and as the story progresses, there are different types of questions, so you can practise different aspects of English grammar, for example:

      all the verb tenses
      specific topics and areas of vocabulary
      any grammar point

  7. Alex says:

    thnx ! all of you for having me change a bit! a little bit!

  8. edi says:

    do this stories have audio and video too? If yes, can you please tell me how i can get them?

  9. Mark White says:

    Hi Bassam Kedhr

    Unfortunately there is no audio clip for “Yamashita’s Gold”. Maybe we will make one in the future but right now we are both working hard to support our families.

  10. bassem khedr says:

    please sent me the Yamashita’s Gold clip for listening it carefully

  11. William says:

    I would like to joint to your english lessons, do you help me?