Language is Interesting

Language is interesting partly because language is many things.

Language is a means of communication but it is also the framework of thought.

a means of communication

the framework of thought.

Reading and Vocabulary – Ideas – the Source of our Wealth

We use language to read. By reading we increase our vocabulary and our stock of ideas. Our fundamental resource and the source of all our wealth is our stock of ideas.

our fundamental resource
our stock of ideas
the source of all our wealth

It is boring to read vocabulary lists but it is interesting and meaningful to learn vocabulary in context in a story.

The story teaches vocabulary, grammar (how to use words in combinations) and cultural information.

2. grammar
3. cultural information

The Story of Siegfried

Do you know the story of Siegfried and Kriemhild? It is an old European Story.

Read the story and think about what it means. As you read, you will notice that your vocabulary improves and you will become calmer and more intelligent.


Try this text:

Love and Death

Note on the Story – an Interactive Story

Note that the story is an interactive story.

That means it follows the general classical storyline but it asks you questions so you can imagine the details of the story and practise vocabulary and develop grammatical fluency while you read.

You can use the story to practise speaking with a partner. One person reads and the other person listens and says:

Uh-huh. I understand.

One more time, I didn’t get it.

or answers the questions with the correct grammar.

This is a good way to test yourself too. Did you answer correctly?

Link to the Interactive Story

Link to Answers to the Questions in the Story

Link to Notes on Grammar and Vocabulary

A Weekly Program

Now read Part 1 of the story and answer the questions.

Let’s do part two next week!

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