Here are some topics and language points with lesson ideas. Click the links and follow them.


Academic Vocabulary in Context

Adjective and Verb together

Academic English
Adjectives – Listening
Agreeing and Disagreeing
Alan Ginsberg
Audio of Speech by President Eisenhower

Asian Languages

Asking Questions


Beginner’s English
Breaking News
Box of Smoke
The Brother Page
Business English


Cell – Vocabulary details
Collocations and Ideas

Central Bank Story

Common Verbs
Comparatives – The Friend Page

Comparatives and Superlatives
Comprehension Questions
Comparative Tenses (past simple and past continuous)

Conversation Partner for Interactive Stories

Conversation Partner for General Conversation

Cooking in English


The Day Page
Did you have fun?
Definite Article
Describing and Explaining
Drug Awareness

Driving around New York City (video)


Easy English
Easy Pali
Europe and its Borders (video)
Economics – The Problem with Economics
Economics and Business
The Electrical Appliance Page
The Employment Page
English for beginners
European Culture
European Languages

Flight Attendant School

The Family Page
Family History
Family and Relationships
Family Vocabulary
The Food Page
Forming Questions
Future Tense

The Fun Page

The Garden Page
Geography and

Grammar is Philosophy
Graded Readers
The Grammar Page
He did not know what he wanted to do.

The Hour Page

History and Chronology
History and Geography
Idioms and Metaphors – Chain – Vocabulary Notes
Infinitive – more advanced analysis
IELTS Writing Practice
“ing” form of Verb
Interactive Story Partner
Indefinite Article
Interrupting and Interjecting
Interactive Stories
Internet Research Project
Introducing Yourself

I am a Japanese girl
The Job Page


Jack Kerouac


Lives of a Man – reading practice

A Conversation about Lake Eyre
The Land Page
Language Exchange
Learn Chinese
Learn French
Learn Japanese
Learn Mandarin
Learn Spanish

List of Books
Live Language Linkup
Love and Death Link Page


The Market Page
The Mathematics Page
Medical English

Middle Eastern and Indian Languages

The Money Page

Mosquito City



Miyako’s Education – A Dialog Series

National and
International Identity

National and Regional Identity

Internet Project

Nurse Story – A course in English for nurses and medical staff

North and South




Personal Narratives

Past Tenses in the Context of a Story
Passive Voice
Past Participle
Past Tense
Past Simple Tense
Past Continuous Tense
The Philosophy of Grammar

Politics and Economics – the Government Page
The Photography Page
Present Perfect Passive

Present Tense

Present Continuous Tense
Present Perfect Tense
Present Perfect Continuous Tense

Present Simple Tense

Practise Interactive Stories
Progressive Forms

The political system in Universal City


Queen of Shoes



Reading – a science fiction novel – The Eye in the Air

Reading – Why is English the World language?

Reading – Selected Readings in Literature – Norman Mailer

Radiation and Mutation

Raise – Where were you raised?
The Real Estate Page
Relative Clauses – Friends
Relaxation and Enjoyment – the Fun Page
Reading – Romantic Young Man

A New Way of Reading and Writing to Learn Languages
Routine and Habit


The Stolen Necklance – Reading and Writing

Internet Security
The Sister Page
Story -telling with a Partner (Interactive Stories)
The Space Page
The Shoe Page
Superman – the Man of Steel
Story of America – Great Depression


Talking about Brooklyn
There is a Wall.
The Existence page – there is/there are


Talking about Hitch-hiking
Talking about Music

Techniques – Talking to Yourself to Learn Languages
The Tense Page – Verbs and Tenses
The Thai Page
The Time Page – Time Phrases
The Tip Page
Translating and Interpreting – The Translation Page
Types of Food


Universal City
Uses of Like


Vocabulary – Basic Needs – Food, Clothing, Shelter

Verbal Phrases – the cell

Vocabulary – austere and austerity

Vocabulary – The Hunger

Vocabulary – Power Words – Cell

Verbs and tenses – The Tense page
Verbal Phrases – The Farmer’s Wife


a Worthwhile Job
Which one have you been to?
Wicked Stepmother
The Wine Page
“Will” and “Would”
Witnesses to the Great Depression (historical video)
The Work Page
The Writing Page

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    There are lots of ways of teaching languages. For example: English. One manner that I would adopt is the following. The lessons would be numbered. The lessons would teach elementar grammar. The parts of speech would be used so that students would learn knowing that they would be getting the basic English. Let’s have an idea of the first lesson. Name of the English course: LEARNING BASIC ENGLISH. First Lesson (Definite and Indefinite Articles) – When we are learning English, we must remember that it is necessary to read many times each lesson. The Definite Article in English is THE. The translation for the Portuguese language is: O – A – OS – AS. The Indefinite Articles are: A and AN. The translation to the Portuguese language is UM E UMA. A is used before consonants. AN is used before vowels. There are exceptions when the are words beginning with consonantal and vowel sounds. Examples: ………….

    • niza says:

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