A New Way of Reading and Writing

I want to introduce you to a new way of reading and writing.

Are you a teacher?

If you are a teacher, maybe you can use this technique to teach your students. This is how it works:


There is a simple story. It is in past tense.Go straight to the story now.

Vocabulary in Context

The story uses basic verbs in simple patterns. It takes the beginner student from a low level to an intermediate level quickly. This is because it teaches vocabulary in context. That means pronouns and articles and grammatical tense are all used together in the context of a story.


Stories are basic units of human information so it is not surprising that they are wonderful vehicles for teaching language.

The Topic Markers for Skimming

This new way of reading and writing has topic markers. The topic markers are in large blue type. You can use the topic markers to explain the concept of skimming. Particularly when you use a foreign language, it is not necessary to understand everything. We learn by paying attention so we must skip over the words we do not understand and not give up or be disheartened. we must focus on what we know and we will work out new words as we go along. Try it.

Read the story now!

Verb Phrases

The verb phrases for each sentence or group of sentences are underlined in bold type. It looks like this:

it blew

This phrase is used in the sentence:

The wind blew.

Here is an example of the new way of writing with topic markers in large bold blue type and phrases in normal black bold type and then sentences from the story in block quotes. Go straight to the story and see how it works!

The Wind

It blew

It blew stronger and stronger
It blew harder and harder.
It blew the house down.

Skimming is an Important Reading Skill

Many English tests like the IELTS test require skimming a text to get general meaning or scanning a text to find specific information.

If you are a teacher, you can use the topic markers to teach the concepts of skimming and scanning.

The Advantages of this Technique

This technique is very good because it is simple and straightforward and it uses language. It does not talk about language. It uses language to communicate so it is task-based in the most obvious sense of the word. Story-telling is probably the most central and universal function of language.

Go to the story now and see how it works!

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