Reading and Writing – the Storm

Here is a simple short story. This is part two. Have you read part one? You can find part one at this link: The Lives of a Man: The House on the Plain.

Writing – Finish the Story from Notes

Look at this list of topic markers. These topic markers are the keys to a story. They are like notes. Can you guess the story? What happened? What do you think? Write your idea of what happened. Write it in the comments section below.

The Lives of a Man – The Storm

the wind
the rain
the wind
the man
the cow
the chickens
the wind
strong wind
the wind and the chicken coop
the chickens
the man
the barn
the wind
the dead cow
the dead chickens
the roof
the man

Now go to the story and read it.

Link to: The Lives of a Man: The Storm

Read what happened. Find out the answer. Did you guess correctly? Were you able to predict the story? Were you able to predict what happened?

Passive Voice Variations in the Story

Passive Voice changes the style of a sentence. Look at these examples:

The wind destroyed the barn.
The barn was destroyed.
The barn was destroyed by the wind.

Note that the first one emphasises the wind. The second one emphasises the barn but we do not know about the wind. The third one emphasises the barn but we learn about the wind as a secondary fact.

Some times you can use active voice or passive voice. The voice changes the emphasis. It changes the perspective. It changes the viewpoint.

Look at some passive voice variations of sentences in the story here:

The Lives of a Man: The Storm: Passive Voice

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