Are you good at asking Questions?

Did you read part one and part two? Here is part three:

The Storm’s Destruction

Read part three then come back to this page and answer these questions:

“It” Questions

Did the rain stop?

Did the sun come out?

Did the sun shine down on the man?

Answer like this:

Yes, it did.
No, it did not.

“He” Questions

Was the man afraid?

Answer like this:

Yes, he was.
No, he was not.

An “It” Question

Was the cow dead?

Answer like this:

Yes, it was.
No, it was not.

A Plural Question

Were the chickens dead?

Answer like this:

Yes, they were.
No, they were not.

Notes – Number One

Why did we say:

“Yes, it did and no, it did not”?

in the sentence in number one?


Because it was a “yes/no question” and the answer was “yes, it did” or “No, it did not”.

Notes – Number Two

Why did we say:

“Yes, he was” and “No, he was not”

for the answer in number two?


Because it was a “yes/no question” but it was a question for a person. We use “he” for a person and “it” for a physical thing like the sun or the rain.

Note the difference between “Yes, he did” and “yes, It did” . It is an important distinction. It is the distinction between human and thing. If you use the wrong pronoun, you might insult somebody. Be careful. Be aware.

Do the “Be Aware” Course

Notes – Number Three

In number three the answer is:

“Yes, it was”


“No, it was not.”

because the cow is an animal.

Children might say:

“Yes, she was” or “no, she was not” if they had only one cow and she was a female and they loved her very much, but adults would generally say “Yes, it was”.

Notes – Number Four

Why do we say:

“Yes, they were” or “No, they were not.”


The answer is because there are a lot of chickens. It was plural.

more than one
a lot

Notes – Number Five

Were the chickens dead?

Yes, they were

No, they were not.

Yes/No questions and WH questions

So far we have looked at yes/no questions. Let’s look at WH questions:

What did the sun shine down on?
What did the man think about?

Can you answer these questions?

The Answer

The sun shone down on the man.

The man thought about his chickens.

Humans and Animals

Is it rude to use the wrong pronoun in your language?

If we distinguish animals and humans in English, we do it with pronouns. Children say “he” and “she” when they refer to an animal, but adults generally do not. Adults use a more formal register and it can be very rude to say “it” for a person. Be careful. Do not insult people. Of course you do not want to offend anyone.

Some people are relaxed and do not care. Some people are self-effacing. Some people laugh easily at themselves.

Actually we are all animals in a certain sense. From a biological point of view we have a lot in common with animals. We have more in common with mammals than with fish or plants. We are very similar to cows and monkeys and other animals if we think of sharks and fish and trees and other life-forms. But actually we are different from animals too. We are different because we have a soul.

We are different because we have a soul.
We are different because we have a brain.
We are different because we have a mind.
We are different because we have an immortal soul.

“Immortal soul”

is a strong collocation. That means you often hear the words “immortal” and “soul” together.

What do you think? Do you believe in the immortal soul of each human?

Robots and Clones

Do robots have a soul?
Do clones have a soul?

Maybe clones share a soul with their original being? Or maybe they have a separate soul? Or maybe they have no soul. What do you think. Write your answer in the comments section below. Write it like this:

Clones have a separate soul.
They have a separate soul.
They have their own soul.

Clones don’t have a soul.
They have no soul.
They don’t have a soul.

Clones share a soul with their original.

What do you think? Write your answer in the comments section below.

Why do Robots drink?

Link to a story about robots

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