Much of Meaning is in Context

Much of meaning is in context so we should not learn lists of words. We should learn words in context. We should learn words as they occur in specific situations.

Phrasal Verbs – Two Word Verbs

Look at this list:

walked across
walked on and on
walked up
walked down
walked through
walked along
walked across
walked down on

Link to the Story

It has lost its context. Now click the link and read the story and see the words in context.

The Mountains

Natural Features

Mountains are high and sloped but plains are low and flat.

the mountains – the plains

A hill is smaller than a mountain.

a hill – a mountain

A mountain range is a group of mountains.

a mountain – a range of mountains

We encounter natural features in the countryside. Link to the story and meet the natural features in context.

Link to The Mountains

A Mountain Range is an incredible thing

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