Listen to these three different accents

Liverpool: “Let me tell you!”

London: “I will put it this way!”

Virginia: “That is the way I see it.”

Comparatives and Superlatives Lesson

Which one is the most difficult (for you) (to understand)?

Why is that? (How come?)
What factors contributed to it being the most difficult?

Which one is the easiest? (for you) (to understand)


the first one
the second one
the London one
the Virginia one
the Liverpool accent
easier than
the easiest
more difficult than
the most difficult
harder than
the hardest
softer than
the softest
harsher than
the harshest
more melodic than
the most melodic
rougher than
the roughest
background noise,
non-standard pronunciation
non-standard vocabulary
non-standard intonation

What is the difference between pronunciation and intonation?

Here are some more accents

Arizona (US)

Australian (Tasmania)

Canadian (Toronto)

Colorado (US)

Indiana (US) (They could have broke the back of OPEC)

Irish (Hitching around Australia)

Manchester (UK)

Michigan (US)

New York (US)

South African (The western Transvaal)

Surrey (UK) (Kath from Surrey)

Yorkshire (UK)

Link to Youtube video about New York accent

Three Accents

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  1. JESUS says:

    Hi. Im a man 50 old, from Bilbao (Spain). I started studyng english forth months ago. I use Effortless English System and I think is a very good method. Thanks a A. J. Hodge, now I know your method for learning english. In the next June I will go to San Diego with my family to be living there for one year. So, I would like know if you have a english method with accent of California. Excuse me my mistake. Thanks for your helps. If I may, I would like say, in my opinion you are a very hard working men. Have a great day. Jesus from Bilbao

    • Aaron says:

      Hi Jesus….we don’t have any materials at the moment with “California accents”. However, you should take note that there are MANY different kinds of accents in California. California is a place that many people want to live, so a significant percentage of Californians are from other places in the USA and other countries, so they bring their accents with them. Furthermore, there is a considerable Asian and Latin American influence in California, which further adds variation to how English is spoken there. For these reasons, there are many accents.

      However, California natives have a way of speaking that IS identifiable. This guy gives a few examples:

  2. paz says:

    congratulation, I want to learn english , and this examples
    conversation , writte and audio, is great. excuse me for my english , I hope you understand. chao

  3. Ravi says:


    This is wonderful site to learn english and to improve the knowledge.

    Keep Updating,

    Thanks a lot.