Australian Society – Lesson 1

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Stage One – Land and Government

Look at these terms:

The Australian Government
The Government of Australia

The government consists of ministries or departments or portfolios.

Research Project: Land and Government

Use internet sources to find a list of ministries in the Australian government.

Start researching with this link:

Open a table in a microsoft excel document and create four columns or take a piece of paper and make four columns:

1. Write in the names of the portfolios in the first column one below the other, each one in its own box:

the Department of the Environment
the Department of Immigration
the Department of Defence

2.Look more closely at one particular ministry:

Read the entry for one ministry for example:


In the second column write a short note about the ministry eg:

The ministry was created in September this year.

This ministry is responsible for …

3. Relating Research to your Own Experience or Circumstances

In the third column make a translation to English of any corresponding ministry in your country e.g.

the Indonesian Ministry of the Environment.

The Indonesian Transport and Shipping Ministry

4. The People in the Government

In the fourth column write the name of the currently serving minister e.g:

The minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development is Warren Truss.

Stage Two – Land and Society

the Australian people
the people of Australia

Choose one minister and find out any biographical details that you can. Find out the area that she/he governs and the place where he/she was born and or grew up for example:

Warren Truss is a farmer.
Warren Truss was born in Kingaroy

Warren Truss is a farmer who comes from Kingaroy.

Look at the links to:

Warren Truss

Read about the area in terms of agriculture, land use patterns, major population centres, interesting geographical or historical features or anything that is interesting or remarkable to you and make notes.

Look at these links to video of Kingaroy:

Chad Morgan sings a song about a girl from Kingaroy

Flooding in Kingaroy in 2013

Motorcycle touring blog with video of trip to Kingaroy

Link to Kingaroy School Video

Video of Kingaroy town from car – Look at the houses and describe them

An Advertisement for an Electrician in Kingaroy

Speaking or Writing

Do an oral or written presentation on this area ( for example Kingaroy) and note any correspondence between the minister and the area he serves e.g.

Warren Truss was a farmer and represents a large farming area of peanut and sugar farmers.

Here are some more examples:

Julie Bishop is the Minister for Foreign Affairs and she comes from the Adelaide Hills.

Video of Adelaide Hills

Expository text on bakery in Adelaide Hills

A Sheet Metal Shop in Lobethal in the Adelaide Hills, where Julie Bishop is from.

Trouble in the Adelaide Hills – news story

Greg Hunt is the Minister for the Environment and he comes from Melbourne.

Describe any things you noticed that were for any reason interesting or remarkable to you in your analysis of available media resources on the place you chose.

Make list of different genres you encountered in your research.

Real Conversations

A Woman from Tasmania

Hitching around Australia

Central Australia

Australian Immigrants

An Australian Sheep Farmer

India and Australia

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