Zero Conditional is used to describe scientific facts.

Water boils, when you heat it.

Will” conditional” is used to describe real situations.

If you are not careful, you will hurt yourself.

Would” conditional is used to describe hypothetical situations.

If I were you, I would take a holiday.

“Would have” conditional is used to describe hypothetical situations in the past as in regret.

If I had known it was a fake, I would not have bought it.

Look at this conditional sentence:

If the President had known that the Private Central Banking System would destroy the nation, he would never have agreed to it but the people who who had put it to him were the same people who had financed his run for the presidency.

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  1. kabu says:

    It is helping me. I appreciate your great job

  2. vennela says:

    thanku..really u r helping me alot..thanku so much..

  3. Mark White says:

    Please let me know about this so that if I get any call regarding it, I can answer it properly.

    Always capitalise “I”.

    Conjugate the first verb in the string.

    “I can answer it.”
    “I can answered it.”

  4. vennela says:


    Please let me know about this so that if i get any call regarding this I could answered it properly. .

    Is this correct ?

  5. Mark White says:

    Can is present tense.
    Could is past tense.
    When you make a request, “could” is more polite than “can” .
    Look at these examples:
    Can I have some more coffee, please?
    Could I have some more coffee, please?

    Could have is the present perfect form of the conditional, for example:
    I could have done it but i did not.

    I could have gone to university but I decided not to.

  6. vennela says:

    I got the answer what I serched for..I want to knw about can, could , could have with examples .what is the difference between these words.

  7. straight... says:

    if i were u i would never use this site at all

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