Education Systems

In some countries children start school early but in other countries they start late.

In some cultures there is no school.

What do you think of school?

Write and tell us about the education system in your country.

Does it include women?

Is education compulsory?

To what age is it compulsory?

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    Here in philippines if you are rich or can afford to send your child in a prestigious school, you will expect a nice product of student coming from private schools and if you don’t have enough money there are public schools intended for those parents who don’t have enough money to cater the expensive needs of their child in terms of education.The culture of the Philippines may varies according to its location,ex. in province especially those who are too far from the school may not take education as a center of their priority because they will look first their basic needs to meet.In comparison with the people in the City they will look first a high educational attainment because without this, employment in a certain job is impossible to find. Majority of the people who live are well educated attaining from elementary to tertiary level while others from elementary to high school but there were some vocational courses offered by TESDA for those who wanted to go to school in a shorter period of time.

  2. mirza says:

    in pakistan govt is taking interest in education sector and spending a lot of money on it but still its no enough. in our country the primary education is compulsory for everyone. in pakistan the girls are more brilliant and take more interest in study as compare boys. in our country there is a lot of different system of education every school and college and university has their own system, some of these still teaching in urdu medium and some in english medium. the education system in our country is not same. its not good thing. some schools and colleges teaching oxford and Cambridge books and some their own Courses, its make the education system complex.

  3. Ruby Pham says:

    Oh, The children start to go to school at 6 year-old. I think it’s medium and consistent with the development of children (both of physiology and neurology).
    Addition to, both men and women go to school, there’s no different.

  4. Rajeshkumar says:

    Dear All,

    In india , Now a days Govt is taking more interest about education, People are also knew the important of education , Even poor people also want that their children get good education Insptie of shortage of money they send their children for private coaching and tution classes.

    As I & remain all people feel and think that what I & they have didnot get that all these good get their children.

  5. flordeliz bantilan says:

    in my country where i belong we not compulsory attending tertiary stage or level the one who can avail on it is the one who is gifted since it is in this level that needs much money to spend just to get your course or field. but most of the people nearby our area they are just only attending until high school since they could not afford to enroll in a prestigious school just what i had.
    but im not rich as what they are expected though my parents can afford to send me in st. michael’s college where i’ve presently attending my education but it doesn’t mean that we are not also affected by a global crisis you know to tell you i too have been suffering from those that’s i did my best just to learn something and the money which my mom invested in my education will not be wasted.

  6. m0hamed khalifa says:

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  7. layla says:

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  8. ABEER says:

    In my country school start from the age of six at primary school and still six years the native language is arabic and we’r learn english as a second language then, we go to prep_ school and stay in it 3 years after that there are secandary school befor the university

  9. Otello says:

    In my country the school is compulsory. A schoolboy must go to school untill the age of sixteen. In Italy a child goes in the first class of the elementary school at the age of six, untill the age of eleven. Then the child goes to the middle school until the age of fourteen. At the last, before the University, there is the high school for five years of studies. There is the humanistic school with classic studies (ancient Greekand Latin) there is the scientific school with the most of maths, chemical, physics studies. Ultimatly, not for importance, there are the technical school (business and economic, tourism, chemic, mechanic, computer, electrical and aerospace).

  10. rogerio says:

    I am from Timor Leste. Education is really vital for everyone because without education we will not doing anything as such as; self-development and country development. however, in other country like Timor Leste, there is very different curriculum and very mix up. For instance, elementary school thought in Portugues, Junior school thought in Portugues,Tetum(Timorese language Official) and Bahasa Indonesia.
    the problem is, even education is compulsory in this country there are some students are worrying about the curriculum or education system in the future and some other ideas said how can we learn or study properly if there is no exactly curriculum right now? Hope i can get further info from you. Thanks

  11. Lotfi Yahia says:

    Hi there! I am Tunisian.
    School here is somehow compulsory until 15 , but not really that since some children leave school early.
    At 5 , there is one year of nursery school then 6 years of the first period basic education .
    From 13 to 15 is the second step of the basic aduction ( which is normally compulsory ). We call this in Tunisia “preparatory school”.
    Then secondary eduction begins at the age of16 and finishes at the age of 19 when you get your Bac exam .
    At university now you can study as much as you can according to your discipline and score.

  12. Vladimir says:

    In Russia every kid which is 7 years has to go to school. Primary school and secondary school are free of charge and always mixed.
    There are private schools in some big cities when children parents pay for education.

  13. Mark White says:

    Hi Albelo

    What country are you in?

    I am in Australia now. There is compulsory education for everybody from the age of five or six. Primary school is compulsory and high school is compulsory until the age of fifteen. Then senior high school and university are optional.

    We have private schools and government schools and religious schools. Some schools are co-educational and some are boys only or girls only.

    Until what age is education compulsory in your country? Do you study foreign languages? What is the language of instruction at most of your schools?

    In Australia some people “home-school” their children. In my community there is a group of people who do this.

  14. albelo says:

    school is very important to every person, it helps us to know what is going around us and it learns us many things.
    In my country school is compulsory in age of 6 so we have to study in this age, some school are mixed boys and girls and some are not.

  15. kakokaki says:

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  16. amr aly says:

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