The World English Course

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Lesson One: Cooking in English – The Food Page

Lesson Two: Family and Relationships – The Family Page

Lesson Three: Relaxation and Enjoyment – The Fun Page

Lesson Four: Things you Have to do – The Work Page

Lesson Five: Time and Money – The Money Page

Lesson Six: Art and Love – The Heart Page

Lesson Seven: Politics and Economics – The Government Page

Lesson Eight: Things You are Not allowed to Do: The Law page

An English Conversation Course for Everybody

Welcome to the World English Course for people on Planet Earth to learn English.

This is a free online English course for everybody on Planet Earth.

We have to work together.

We have to understand each other.

We have to communicate.

Join the Classroom now! Time is running out!

World English Lessons

All you have to do to join is go to the lessons and read and listen and click the links. Write comments and answers in the “comments” section on each page.

Use Skype or any messenger service to contact other students in the Classroom.

You can read, write, listen, speak and understand English with this course.

Start now!

The clock is ticking.

Time is running out.

The sooner you start, the sooner you will start to improve.

Start now!

World English Course Mailing List

If you are interested in our World English Course, join our mailing list! We will not only notify you each time a new World English Course lesson is ready, but we will also send you news and information related to new developments on our site. Just enter your name and email in the box below to join the list.


World English Course

There are lots of things you can learn in the World English Course. There is a place where you can talk about work and there is also a place where you can find a job and a place where you can find staff. There is a place where you can have fun and there is a place where you can talk about food or family. There is also a place where you can talk about money or love or philosophy. You can study anything you want anytime you want. You can do it once a week or every day or any time you like. Have fun! Work hard! Tell your friends and family members! Enjoy!

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  1. Vanashree says:

    Hi, I want to join this course

  2. Reghu Tharathu says:

    I want to improve my english

  3. bayan says:

    My dear collogues; Nice to meet yours,
    Surely, I want to to join me with yours for exchanging information continuously.
    I enjoy with you to improve my English language ; because I’m writing better than speaking .
    I hope you can help me! and contact with me on my Facebook account.
    With my best regards.

  4. Ebz says:

    let me join to your course to improve my english thanks a lot and more power to guys

  5. Ebz says:

    let me join to your course to improve my english thanks a lot and more power to you guys

  6. chantha says:

    Good course I need. I hope we can improve English via this site and see everyone online. It’s like a wake-up call to me and I can enjoy it

    J’adore apprendre !!

    From Cambodia

  7. Hi, I'd like to join this course! says:

    But I don’t have any comments so far because I know nothing about this course. It sounds good, . let’s try and we’ll see, how it works.Good luck!

  8. huma aamir says:

    Hi,I am huma.I want to join this course.

  9. Carlos Alberto says:

    I would like to join this amazing website and learn. I dont know why I didnt discover it before now, just for distraction…

  10. Badria Seddig Mohammed says:

    I love the English language ? so I want to develop my abilities , so I want to join this course.

  11. Guillermo Mendez says:

    The development of conversational skills in English are required and evaluated in any serious standard English test like IELTS. This course comes to fill a gap that some students whose native language is not English find. I would like to enroll in your course

  12. Iman mohmed says:

    hi my name iman I am going to learning english so like to join this course

  13. Iman mohmed says:

    i like to get more converstion to increase this lenguage ,I am great all my teachers and my friends

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