Academic English Task – 1

What differences do you notice between the English language way of describing the system of family relations and the system of family relations in your mother tongue?

How is the system of family terms in your language different from the system of family terms in English?

Download audio file (familysystem.mp3)

Say your answer aloud and then write it in the “comments” section below.

Do you know these expressions:

maternal – paternal
matrilineal – patrilineal
paternal uncle – maternal uncle
paternal grandfather – paternal grandmother
maternal grandfather – maternal grandmother

Useful Phrases

kinship term
kinship terms
is more complex
is less complex
has more terms
has fewer terms
is a more complex system of classification
is a less complex system of classification

What is the difference between a nuclear family and an extended family?

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15 Responses to “Academic English Task – 1”

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  1. Snehal Shinde says:

    hello, i love English language. i will try to as much as speak in english. i have a lot of grammar mistakes
    i want to improve my self. pls help me to do that. thanks.

  2. Muhamad Rohim says:

    the different is just about language and culture, even in my country, there are have many diffetent of culture that makes a lot of kinds family therms. I am sorry my english is not good. this web is very help me to improve my english
    Thanks a lot

  3. janybek says: are you? I from in kg.

  4. jasmeen says:

    i wanna chat with someone fluent in english.

  5. Abba says:

    hi how’s doing every one the system family different between nation’s to nation’s for example Arabic family more extended from English because in English used anti and uncle for father brother and sister and same to mother in Arabic more extended the sister mother called khala and it differnet in English not used this word but uncle or anti with English and Arabic same way used any many more name’s in Arabic family it for Example’s with good luck for every one to improve her or his English

  6. sonia says:

    i would like to improve my english as possible as so contact with us

  7. shimaa says:

    there are alot of diffirane between my “arabic family and english family. Some differances are possitive and coversely. I will explain in another comment. Bye

  8. soad says:

    In our countries, we take more care for our sons and daughtres when they are in the youth age ,while in the European contries there is no care in that age..That was one of the differences between Arabe and European Countries…

  9. samiullah Durrani says:

    hi. i am also interested to improve my enlish as u do, if u see this message than contact me through my mail , than we can set a time for online talking . bye

  10. jamiila jama adan says:

    Iwant to have conversation with you so as to make so what do you mind ok my name jamiila iam not very quickly

  11. Kaveh says:

    There are some differences and I try to explain them as the followings:
    – We have no equal expressions for extended and nuclear families in Persian.
    – In Persian, the brother of father is called “Amou” and the brother of mother is called “Daie”, while both of them are called “Uncle” in English. There is the similar situation for “Aunt”.
    – Just like Uncle and Aunt, there are two seperate words for Nephew and Niece as well.

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