Batman – The Millionaire with a Dark Side

Batman … batman … batman … batman …

Have you ever seen a bat?

Batman – the Millionaire with the Dark Side

Batman has at least two major themes. One is that of the millionaire alter-ego – Bruce Wayne the millionaire philanthropist and capitalist hero.

Batman, like Ironman, is a millionaire hero who has the money to do what he wants and has decided to use his money and the power that comes with it to do good and protect the weak and fight for justice.

It is a nice idea.

Tony Stark makes you feel, he is a cool exec with a heart of steel

with repulsor rays

Amazing armor – That is Ironman
Amazing armor – That is Ironman


to repulse – to ward off -to fend off

Is this capitalist propaganda?

The Theme of Technology

Ironman represents the triumph of technology and human ingenuity or American ingenuity. Americans (and Australians) learn that people from their country are very ingenious. Did you learn that people from your country were braver and more intelligent? Do your local newspapers report this kind of thing?

Batman also has a utility belt which he uses to fight crime. It is a belt with many tricks and pockets.

The Theme of the Benevolent Capitalist

There are wealthy superheroes. Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are both millionaires Ironman’s alter-ego is a millionaire. Batman and Ironman are both rich men who vow (promise) to help the common people.

Are rich people heroes?

self (noun)
selfish (adjective)
selfishness (noun – attribute)
selfless (adjective)
selflessness (noun-attribute)
a balance of selfish and social motives

We are taught that selfishness is best for society and that the government works with huge corporations to help the people and improve the economy. Do huge multinational corporations really work in the national interest or are they just pirates?

Do you think an individual attitude of selfishness creates a social system that cares for everybody?

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