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Read the newspaper. Listen to what people say. Write a report on local or regional news in your region. Post it in the comments section below.

Look at this example:

I am in south-eastern Australia. The farmers in my area are protesting. The government is taking away the right to use water. The environmentalists want to protect the river and the natural environment but the farmers want to protect their family incomes and produce food to sell.

The government has passed a new law to limit access to water from the river. The farmers had a public meeting. Now they are burning copies of the new law in the centre of the town.


Breaking news is news which is happening now.

We say “breaking news” but we don’t say “broken news“.

Do you know why?

Look at some more examples of this adjective:

breaking glass

broken glass

What is the difference between breaking glass and broken glass?

Broken glass is glass which is already broken.

Breaking glass is glass which is breaking right now.

Compare these two sentences:

He crashed his car into a shop and the customers were showered with breaking glass. Afterward, rescue workers and firemen cleaned up wreckage. They wore special boots to protect them from the broken glass.

Another Example

When a wave hits the beach, we say “it is breaking”. Surfers catch rides on breaking waves. Look at these:

a breaking wave

a broken wave

The surfer glided down the face of the breaking wave.

The children were knocked over by the backwash from broken waves.

Breaking waves are waves which are breaking right now. Broken waves are waves which have already broken.


Breaking is the present participle and broken is the past participle. They are both adjectives. Breaking is the adjective formed from the present participle (gerund). Broken is the adjective formed from the past participle.

Look at this table:

past participle broken interested

present participle breaking interesting

You can see another example of this type of adjective on the grammar page

You can find more information and examples of this type of grammar pattern on the adjective page.


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What is new in your region?


Do you have any news?

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