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What is new in your region?


Do you have any news?

Read the newspaper. Listen to what people say. Write a report on local or regional news in your region. Post it in the comments section below.

Look at this example:

I am in south-eastern Australia. The farmers in my area are protesting. The government is taking away the right to use water. The environmentalists want to protect the river and the natural environment but the farmers want to protect their family incomes and produce food to sell.

The government has passed a new law to limit access to water from the river. The farmers had a public meeting. Now they are burning copies of the new law in the centre of the town.


Breaking news is news which is happening now.

We say “breaking news” but we don’t say “broken news“.

Do you know why?

Look at some more examples of this adjective:

breaking glass

broken glass

What is the difference between breaking glass and broken glass?

Broken glass is glass which is already broken.

Breaking glass is glass which is breaking right now.

Compare these two sentences:

He crashed his car into a shop and the customers were showered with breaking glass. Afterward, rescue workers and firemen cleaned up wreckage. They wore special boots to protect them from the broken glass.

Another Example

When a wave hits the beach, we say “it is breaking”. Surfers catch rides on breaking waves. Look at these:

a breaking wave

a broken wave

The surfer glided down the face of the breaking wave.

The children were knocked over by the backwash from broken waves.

Breaking waves are waves which are breaking right now. Broken waves are waves which have already broken.


Breaking is the present participle and broken is the past participle. They are both adjectives. Breaking is the adjective formed from the present participle (gerund). Broken is the adjective formed from the past participle.

Look at this table:

past participle broken interested

present participle breaking interesting

You can see another example of this type of adjective on the grammar page

You can find more information and examples of this type of grammar pattern on the adjective page.


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What is new in your region?


Do you have any news?

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  1. huma Aamir says:

    Hi i am huma.i’ m very buzy.

  2. subbi says:

    Hi i am from India.
    Breaking News

    Petrol an Diesel cost reduced 2 INR. It will be effect from today midnight.

  3. laila says:

    i hope that my English language helped me to embody the situation in my country and i hope that i could give a clear picture about the matter. i know that maybe my language is not that fluent. but i’m waiting for your critical message. thank you.

  4. laila says:

    hello every body thank you very much for giving me the chance to say a little about what is happening in my country. i hope that all the world know what is happening in my country Syria because there are many massacres are happening every day but nobody can imagine how much bad is. i cant say every thing about the matter because there are a plenty of events are happening every minute. about 16,000 people died until now and still no body care about the Syrian blood. the situation is going down from bad to the worst, every thing now is ruined, most of the population now are hopeless, the smell of dead is surrounding each spot of Syria. this is my news, and this is my country what is now.

  5. Santosh says:

    Last week there was big flood.It is from snow mountain.Few days water blocked and reserved there and all of sudden it broke and came through the Seti river.About 70 people died and still 30 peoples dead body not find.Government looking there body.

  6. mohamed eltahir says:

    I’m going to gain your attention to humman situations in our country, a few weeks ago there was wide protest in New Yourk city about the situation in the Sudan .
    the demenstration was called to stop war and stop sheling for the civilins in the regions that a war has been countunious in it . that is only I have this week I promise to show you more .

  7. waldegebriel says:

    thank you very much providing such opportunity

  8. waldegebriel says:

    thank you very providing such opportunity

  9. mohamed eltahir says:

    Thanks my friend for your advice I hope to give me more information about your experient to improve my languge as you can .

  10. RATY says:

    Thank you for giving me this opportunity to comment to these conversations. Inadvance I’d like to know why you do not care about grammatical ruls while dealling with conversation. I wish you to check grammar course and othder English documents.
    What does mean the word “youtube”
    Nice days and take courage.

  11. mohamed eltahir says:

    The Sudanes Government has decleared awar against south sudan latly . extanding to along conflict between both side about a lot of issue it have not been resolve yet political, ecnomical and cultural .
    as you know south sudan has seoerated from north and there are many issue dosen’t get resolve as civilization rights a coungres party reject gaven the south citizin whose are living in north idintificatin . as well as they are not drew a border yet so south occopied Hejlij petrol region .
    the situation going to agrevation cause finnacil criss and both side independing on petrolim that were shut down latly as decleared offical spooker to south sudan government in last month and south has occopied.
    Many people in to country has used a divert and varity to make them as strong resons to renewe a war even thought we were in a war for a long time race of people dosen’t became proplem to get rights in a world but we are living in it .
    We should get moveing and force to side to follow peace soliuation to ecnomical , political and culture issue as they sighned in 2005 comperhensive peace agreement in Niroby we are tired for hearing sounds of war in country.

  12. Abdullah Karademir says:

    I am in Ankara the capital city of Turkey. The teachers are protesting. The government is about to approve a new law about educational system in Turkey. Most people and teachers are against this new law. However the government insists on approving the new law and does not accept any discussion about.
    Thousands of teachers are demonstrating in Ankara. Police meet them with force. So many demonstrators were injured.
    It is said that the law will be approved soon.

  13. Julia says:

    I am Julia from Shanghai, China. Just two days ago, a patient in the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, Harbin,Helongjiang Province killed a young doctor and seriously injured three doctors out of the anger of his disease.What makes our health workers sad is not only the fact, but the attitude many netizen expressed on the internet. An debate is stirring up those days.

  14. mana maya kc says:

    Thank you so much it so helpful for me i know so many words i am so happy.

  15. coumarane says:

    Hi, I’am Couma from India. Now the government initiates steps for developing the nation in Economic growths. Government targeting 2020 as a Miles stone . Government proposing many power projects which is the basic requirement of the Industrial Growth and it tuned for Economic growth.

  16. Rossella says:

    Hi, I’m Rossella. I’m from Italy. Now the government is trying to do something to avoid economic and financial crisis but it’s very difficult. Every day workers are dismessed and they demonstrate against employers and State. Enterprises and companies have no more liquidity. I’m afraid of a worsening!

  17. mohamed anwar says:

    Thanks a lot sir for emails for helping in english

  18. mohamed eltahir says:

    The sudanes government had rejected to human rights an organization to offer aid for a civilians in a war regions as well as he has shelling a civilian , international community condemned an events and requir for sudanes government to permit to an organizaiton to offer help for people avoided to human crisis in region as Darfor.accordian to CNN news Gorg Clone had paint true pictures about what is goine on in sudan , and he had done demonstration in front of sudanese embassy in washington DC.

  19. mourad says:

    Hi, I’m mourad from Algeria, this days we are preparing for legislative elections, political climate is hot, but I don’t care a lot about this stuff, it is raining in the last day of winter, we are welcoming spring with a lot of impatience, because winter was very cold and snowing this year.
    And about the Arab revolutions; we are not so interesting, we have our own issues to resolve.
    thank u 4 reading

  20. Pedro says:

    Well, this week is a special week for the citizens who live in Indaial. This week is the one we celebrate its anniversary. To be exactly, tomorrow it’s holiday here in our city.
    The city hall has been preparing this party for months now. Tonight we have a very special concert: Michel Telo is gonna be here. Do you know him? Well, remember Cristiano Ronaldo and other famous soccer players dancing a special song to celebrate their goals, well, that’s the guy. He’s gonna be here tonight. I ain’t going. Kinda tired and I wanna watch some TV, catch up on some reading and sleep late tomorrow.
    What else? Let’s see. It’s the end of Summer for us and the end of Winter for some of you guys. My city is where the devil comes during the summer. Man, it’s scortching hot. Temperatures get to 42 or 45 Degrees celcius, like, easily. Today the temperature is kind of cool: 30 degreesonly.
    Well, I guess that’s it.

  21. Donose Cosmin says:

    Hi, my name is Cosmin and I’m from Romania. The news from my region is not so good.The economy is bad because of the crisis and our politicians are corrupt. But we stay better than Greece.

    • junior says:

      Hello! Donose. My name’s Junior I live in Santos-Brazil.Romania must be a beautiful country, isn’t it? In 1994,in world’s cup, I saw a soccer player from Romania called GEORGE HAGE very, very skillful.Do you know him?

  22. neziha says:

    Hi everyone

    My name is Neziha and am from South India.It is a moment of pride for us that Sachin Tendulkar scored fifty one test century. The Bevco (Beverage corp) of kerala had sold alcohol worth Rs.600crore last month. Now keralites cannot think of a celebration without alcohol. Defense Minister had laid the foundation stone for prestigious project National Institute for Research and development in Defese and Shipbuilding (NIRDESH).

  23. hassan mohamed elsewisy says:

    hi how are you doing thank you very much for these information you r agood resource for me my language is getting better iam trying to master english as soon as possible thank u again for your care

    • Oswald says:

      Dear Hassan,
      To write in English is not my greater problem…But what I am wanting very, because this is very much necessary for me, is speak fluently. This is my problem, believe! And I think that maybe be this problem of many people.
      Another thing, can you to use the program Microsof Word and your tools?
      In afirmative case, make this. Will be best.

  24. nahid says:

    diear frinds
    i’d like to know about your country and your live city

    • nahid says:

      dear friend
      I’d like to know about your country and your live city

      • OSWALD says:

        Hi, Nahid. All nice!
        Where are you????

        Well, i believe that can´t to speak much. But i am a policeman in my country and too work in Rio. For this don´t have many for to say… Understand?
        Whenever, is good you to know wish, the Brazil, is the better country of the world! There is not any place more wonderful than here, except the sky…
        About the Rio, there is not noting same. And as you maybe to know, we are in preparation for two big events: The World Cup of the Football and The Olympics. For this we are working hard by success this events…
        Our people is the most hospitable in all the world, this say the travels study. Moreover, our country have naturals beautiful that there is not in any other place.
        For all this (and very more…) just the sky can to be better. OK?

        A fort hug!

      • OSWALD says:


        I would like to know where do you live?
        I don´t like talk with people that don´t knew noting about them…
        At least where are.

      • mehdi says:

        hi to u hope to u

  25. OSWALD says:

    Hi, I am Braga.
    I live in Brazil. In the Rio of January.
    And now, we are living here a moment very difficult; because there is a war between the polices powers and the criminals.
    The special group of tactics actions (B.O.P.E.), it invaded in the best crime´s community of Rio. And now, the govern has occupied all territory of the traffic of drugs. This place is the principal redoubt of criminals in my country!
    For this was necessary to use even Arms Force!!!
    The link up is the newspaper “Extra/O Globo”, with last news. In this have a Governor Pronunciation about the crisis.

  26. Mark White says:

    Keep us informed of what is happening

  27. zaid says:

    in egypt right now we have the parliamentry elections and there are wide calims of wide cheating

  28. natsanet says:

    hi,every one on this my point of view life sometimes is good and sometimes is bad anyway try do something
    thank you.

  29. khaled says:

    thanks a lot
    i need to know about every things

  30. Mark White says:

    We all get our news from different sources. Censorship is a problem in many places.

    In Australia I heard that:


    Hostility has broken out in the Korean Peninsula. North Korea attacked South Korea. It fired fifteen shells onto a South Korean island. One South Korean Marine was killed. Is anybody in Korea? Does anybody have any details?


    The son of the elected leader of Burma was allowed to enter Maynmar to see his mother after ten years.

    What is new in your region?

  31. romal says:

    hello to all!
    my name is RomalKhan i am from Afghanistan the fall season is coming up i our country and all people faced whit alot of probloms and students can not prolong to their studies and they don’t have place for save their self from cool and rain
    best wishes
    romal khan from AFg

  32. Efri Shan says:

    Hello, everybody! I am from Bulukumba city. It is one of cities in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Recently, there was an innaguration of the leader of the city. Many people attended it. They really hoped him bringing a change in our city. Now, he is really busy to do their duty.

    • Mark White says:

      What kind of urban problems does your city face? What are the issues?

      public transport
      water supply
      public health
      access to education
      affordable housing
      public safety
      immigration and assimilation

      What is the situation? What are the issues?

  33. lamia says:

    my cuntry is iraq the most important news now will be the establishing of the new govemant which the all is waiting it for 8 months
    i hope it will be good

  34. Y Nguyen says:

    this lesson is very interesting. It supports me a lot of techniques in learning English.


  35. shireen says:

    Thanks Mark and Aaron

    You help many people to learn english. In this way you bring all the people together.Your technique is wonderful, In this way you are creating peace every where.

    You are imperial . You don’t care about any cast, color, religion. I wish many people can think like you. You are both amazing. God bless both of you.


  36. Piroska says:

    Terrible catastrophe happend in Hungary in October.
    Look at this by Google:

    • Mark White says:

      What is the latest news on this story?
      Does anybody have a follow-up?
      Has the red mud reached the Danube?
      Has it flowed into the Black Sea?
      Has it been contained?

      Is anybody there on the ground in Hungary? What is the situation?

  37. hana says:

    Hi there thanks for your effort to teach us english. I didn’t listen what people say, I want to be fluent in english both in spoken and writing please contact me by my email address.

  38. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Minh says:

    i didn’t listen to what people say but i have learned a lot of thing from the grammar. how I can listen the text? Help me, please. Thank you

  39. Boobala Krishnan says:

    I’m from India.
    This week end I’m going to my home to celebrate the light festivel.
    Apart from that last week USA President Mr.Obama and hia wife(Michel) visited our country.She was very happy about our country.both enjoyed there trip .it will really improve two nations relationship in the political way….

  40. Suhartono says:

    My country (Indonesia) is currently a lot of disasters such as tsunami and earthquake in the Mentawai islands, Mount Merapi on Java island erupted and Floods in Region Wasior in the island of Irian Jaya and many residents who lost property and relatives. Please pray for this tragedy may soon cease,

  41. RIJAL says:

    I am in Indonesia. In my country there is a vulcano that is erupting. The vulcano is “Merapi” at Yogyakarta, central Java. Now, People slope of this mount vulcano were evacuated on refuge. Furthermore, more than one hundred people were died. They are living in danger of famine, illness and misery. I hope that their live quickly will back normally again

  42. Tarik says:

    I am seeking to contact with any one his nation languge is ENGLISH for improve my speaking skill.

    SKYPE: tarikalsalhi23

    • RIJAL says:

      Hi, tarik. I want to improve my skill in english language too. Sometime, I hope that at one time can visit your country. many people from indonesia study at al azhar university.

      best regard to you

  43. Tarik says:

    I am Tarik from Egypt, now in this period we are celebrating of islamic Eid. After few days we will start election process of the people council. All people should elect someone and vote for him.
    Many people busy now with the football game between egypt team and Australia team.

    SKYPE: tarikalsalhi23

  44. vasile says:

    Hi.I am from Quebec.Now, in my contry raining

  45. obeed says:

    every body i’m from saudi .now we have huge clibitry ead aldahay.
    also we have alot of pilgrmes in makkah they came for hajj.we have
    nice wheather tody is suny.just i want to see thanks alot for this
    web it’s amazing work for any body want’s to improve english …
    see u soon ….happy ead …thanks……

  46. adam says:

    well, my name is adam i’m from morocco , marrakesh and today we’re celebrating the holiday of Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) also known as ‘Eid al-Qurban or al-‘Eid al-Kabir. On the first morning of Eid al-Adha, Muslims around the world attend morning prayers at their local mosques. Prayers are followed by visits with family and friends, and the exchange of greetings and gifts. At some point, members of the family will visit a local farm or otherwise will make arrangements for the slaughter of an animal. The meat is distributed during the days of the holiday or shortly thereafter.
    During the celebration of Eid al-Adha, Muslims commemorate and remember Abraham’s trials, by themselves slaughtering an animal such as a sheep, camel, or goat. This action is very often misunderstood by those outside the faith.

  47. jeniflor says:

    Manila, Philippines– Filipinos around the world rejoice and celebrate Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao’s victory. He won the latest boxing match of the year with Margarito of Mexico last Sunday, 14th of November in Texas, USA.
    He received the rewards of his rigid and very hectic schedule in his training program. He work-out for about two months under the strict supervision of his coach. Aside from his coach, he got also the support from other famous boxing personalities worlwide, they showed to him how they really want to help him to get the title. As far as the world concerns, Pacman was focus on his goal and his ambition not only for himself but for his country–the Philippines. Mabuhay ka Pacman!

  48. khalil djefaflia says:

    hi for all , i am khallil from algeria , i am looking for someone who can help me to improve my english , cause i ca n read write english well but in speaking i am few weak in this skill if anyone wanna discusse with me my ej-mail is

    • Rocky says:

      Hi Khallil, don’t be worry I will tell you how to improve your english as I could. Firstly, there are four skill to learn language and they are, 1. Listening skill. 2. Reading skill. 3. Speaking skill. 4. Writing skill. So if you practice all of this skill in everyday you will improve your learning language.

      best wishes,

    • Ronn says:

      hellooo khalil. glad to know your spirit. allow me to be your friend for practicing english. hopefully, i can be one of your palace.

  49. Quynh Nguyen says:

    Hi every body,

    Hot news in Vietnam! Vinashin is a well-known Transportation Group in Vietnam about lost in business in many years ago. This group is a state-owned group so that Management of group had been floated and not supervised strictly. This group have lost in business many years ago until now it is discovered. Now there are a lot of agurments about remaining this group. With total debt of Vinashin is 80.000 billions dong if the group is bankrupcy, thousand of workers will be lost job. It means that the life of these wokers’ family will be dificult. Even if Prime Misniter has not had any decision about this group yet.
    I hope that Goverment will supervise to the state-owned company strictly in order to avoid problem like Vinashin. Some managers’ lack of responsibity in the state-owned company have afected to the state budget.
    Development of country is afected by all economic sectors espicially state-owned company.

  50. Gnanamali says:

    Hello, I am living in Southern Province of Sri Lanka. I thank the teacher because these lessons are very useful to me to learn English.
    In here everyday we are hearing news but I am not interesting about that because everyday they tell same news in different ways.
    Sri Lanka is very beautiful country but most of the profesionals are now living in abrod.
    If some one in this list prefer to write me I would appreciate it because i wish to know about other country styles.

    • Boobala Krishnan says:

      Hello Gnanmali,
      Kalai vankkam,I said good morning in tamil language.
      do you know why many professinels are stay away from your country?
      because you peoples are killed many innocent tamil peoples.that’s why this situation.what prabhakaran aasked you?he wanted rights to tamil people who were living in srilanka. but what you guys did is you killed who ever asked rights to live…this is very unfortunate…do you know newtons law???
      any reaction will have the same and opposite reaction.If you can’t understand I’ll tell you in brief.if you through a ball in the wall it’ll return back to you by any way….I respect you srilankan peoples….but the way you treated our Indian s in your country is not at all acceptable…
      Please begave yourself and treat our Indians as human…Help each other…you can learn good english from those Indians who are there in srilanka…….


    • Ronn says:

      well … there many cultures you will know if you get along with many foreigner. as like me. i am indonesian. there story to discuss. but you would be very interested in our phenomenal tradition. the least sample is Bali. have u gone there?

  51. Hoa Truong says:

    Today is my special day because I have been America for three years.I reviewed my English,what things I learned and I had.I recognized that my English is progressive slowly.I always feel listening is very difficult for me.When I work together with Americans,I often don’t understand what the said and I can’t pass a listeningtest to move a next level,too.So sometime I am very frustrated and I want to stop learning English.Now I am finding a new way fiting with time availabe at me.How about you? Maybe I need an idea from the people have a lot of experiences about English.Bye eerybody

    • Thanh Nguyen says:

      Based on what you wrote, I think you are young. Try your best to be more patient in order to adapt with your life. America is an active social and if you don’t try your best you can not get success. As for me, you should try to watch tv everyday. It makes you bored at first but day by day and step by step you will feel happy with your progressive in listening. I was in America for 4 months last year and I tried to watch tv everyday and now I still watch cnn/bbc everyday and I feel that my listening is better than before. I hope my opinion can help you a little bit.

  52. jose Augusto says:

    In my country Brasil there many problem at the schools,the level is very low. The politicians when want to be elected promiss all,but do nothing. One continente that I worried is Africa,It is a continente very miserable and the 20 countries most richier of the wourld don’t help the Africa. the USA and the most countries in Europe just want to sell weapons to killer themeselves. These things leave me very sad. I would like that we had peace on the earth. If enyone has the same thougths let’ do samething against this situation.

  53. roberto says:

    Hello everybody! My name is Roberto I’m 29 years old and live on the southern coast of Brazil in an island called Florianopolis (Floripa).
    We had a weekend with plenty of sunshine, many tourists and crowded beaches.
    On Monday was National Holiday in Brazil, Proclamation of the Republic Day, celebrated on November 15.Unfortunately marked by many car accidents in the back of the holidays.
    I’m sorry for the people Indonesians. I hope the authorities prevent the occupation of these areas. God bless our brother!
    I think the tips in this site very useful and i’d like to meet people to practice them. Thank you so much. See you on the forums. Sorry my poor english. Bye everybody. Have a great day. Have a great night. Bye.

  54. laila says:

    hi evry body first thank you very very very much to mark and arons
    the breaking news in my country the day is eid uladha for all moslim in the world this day sacrifice and forgiveness from allah consider the best day to moslim i hope all people make good for this day

  55. Tran Van Hoa says:

    Breaking news:
    We have been worried about people in the Central Vietnam : Many regions in my country were flooded. A lot of people are living in difficulties. The Government and charity organizations are helping them to restore their life. A lot of regions were twice flooded by rain and typhoon. Every people is interested in this disaster and seek ways to aid

    • Thanh Nguyen says:

      Hi Hoa,

      All the Vietnamese victims suffered from flood in the Central of Vietnam are always in my prayer hour every night.

      God bless

  56. Boobala Krishnan says:

    Hi,I’m from south India (Chennai).last month in our country A film calles Robot released.they budjet of the movie is indian rupee 160 crore.In the one month of time this film earned 600 will run next four to six months.they total collection could reach 2000 crores in the next few months…in Indian history no film earned this much collection.the success of this film is not becuase of story ,it is because of the Hero…hero name is Super star Rajinikanth..
    we call him as a world super star….as of now i watched ten times in the theater….

  57. Si Ath Horth says:

    How do you do everybody
    In my country , Cambodia one of 10 countries in South East Asia .
    In the late of October the chairman of UN visited Cambodia ,Afterward the minister of
    foreign ministry of USA Mme Harlary Clinton visited Cambodia ,She went to visit Angkor Wat in Siemreap province about 320km the west of Phnom Penh city .She met
    students from different colleges in city and answer some questions from them.The early of this month the leader of China visited Cambodia as well ,China is the big
    donner to Cambodia.Yesterday November 14th the prime minister of Vietnam visited Cambodia and in a few day the prime minister of Thailand will come to visit Cambodia
    to reinforce the solidarity between Cambodia and Thailand which is broken nearly 2 years about the border conflict that Thai want the land the leg of Preah Vihea temple that were inserted UNESCO.

  58. shimba says:

    hi, I live in iran-isfahan, about news in my country i should talk about my students in school. they’ll have 3 holidays. because there is Eyde Ghorban celebretion in islamic countries in the world & it happens in Haj ceremony. at the present that’s all. thanks for your lessons,
    good luck

  59. erika says:

    Hi Katerina, my name is Erika from Indonesia. Can I to be one of your friend? I really really want to know about Boston and if you wanna know about Indonesia, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Thanks.

  60. Sunder K. C. says:

    The 17th prime minister election was differed. the only one candidate of PM claim that the supreme court decision is to elect him on the post of PM.But other lead say their own view about the supreme court decision.
    The Saudi Prince is visiting in Nepal. He met the president Dr. Ram Baran Yadav yesterday.

  61. vl says:

    I really like these lesson. it’s very useful to me. I’m trying more to improve my english skills, especial is writting english skill, it’s very difficult.

    on these days in my country,the north is in the fall, it’s quite cold and grey. but the south is hot and rain. it’s big different between the North and the South regions.

  62. Piroska says:

    Hello Everyone,

    Look at this site by Google:

    Hungary’s Parlament-Magyarország Parlamentje.pps
    where the new government is discussing the budget
    for 2011.

  63. sudhakarreddy says:

    very intresting

  64. Rani Mathew says:

    Hi everybody,
    I am from the southern part of India.It was a green quit land years ago. Now there are lots of concreat buiding everywhere. It means diffrernt types of building. Most of our agricuture is rubber , coconut ,spices and pepper.We had a state election last month for village and city . The breaking news is the present leader lost his seat,the opposite party will be take the administration shortly.

  65. zafa says:

    Hi,I have a breaking news for all of you that tomorrow is Eid uladha ,a biggest moment in the history and day of patience , mercy , tolerance, happiness, sacrifice and forgiveness from almighty ALLAH.i as a learner and follower say HAPPY EID to all of you and want you not to forget this big day and try to read about this event and come upm with answer.

    • Hi Zafa, my name Ismaill, I am from Indonesia. We are celebrate Eidhul Adha today. Thank you for said happy eid to all of us. As you read in this breaking news, a lot of disasters befell my country (tsunami, earth quake, flood), so we have to pray to Allah in order that Allah give us blessing and mercy – because Allah says, verily along with hardship is relief. Wassalam ww

    • dulfiya says:

      same too you zafa (happy eid mubarak)

  66. Arma says:

    Hi,everybody.i understand quite well what people of Indonezia feel now as we too suffered from disastrous earthquake in 1988.that’s why I pray for you and hope everything will be ok.As to Armenia,we have sunny days which we call”Indian summer”,i tried to find some breaking news but didn’t find any.So bye,till another time.

  67. Thanks Mark and Aaron !! You help us to be a normal people.
    Katerina, Boston MA, USA.

    • Rocky says:

      Hi Katerina, my name is Rocky and I am from Mizoram. If it is possible please can I make a friend with you because I want to learn english from the native people.

    • khalil djefaflia says:

      hi Katrina , i am khalil from algeria , if it s posib le could i make an aquantance with you and rocky also cause i am interesting in english so much and want to talk with peoples that live in country that speaking english as first lnguage

  68. DENis says:

    Hi… I am from Ukraine… It is election process here… We should to elect the local power – deputes for the local goverments… All the people around are talking about it… But nobody knows for sure whom to support! One man just have voted and he told me that he had supported not one party… He told that to vote is just a wasting of time, because irrespective of result nithing will be changed… But let us pary and hope that the better times will come soon…

    • khalil djefaflia says:

      hi Denis . I am khalil from algeria ( algeria is located in the north of africa beside morroco and tunisia ) i want to talk to you in english cause i like so much this language also i like so so so much ukraine cause i am plaining to travel to ukraine to study there
      mate if you want to cntact me or talk my e-mail is

  69. Rute says:

    Certainly we will to pray for people in Indonesia. Very very sad what happened with they. Sure God blees and protec all this contry too.

    • Djoko says:

      Hi Rute,

      Thanks for your prayer to Indonesia. We pray for your country and new president, so your country can more improve and there is peace anywhere.

  70. Rute says:

    Hi all students. We had in October the election for to choose the new Brazil president. Here there is a democractic goverment and the vote is a obligation for all brazilian citizien. Who winner as president was a lady, her name is Dilma Rossef, the first woman president in ower contry. Lula will finish his time as president and Dilma will begin her goverment. I wish a good time for her and that God bless Brazil too.

  71. Djoko says:

    People of Indonesia are very sad in this month, because there 3 kinds earth quake in Indonesia.
    1. There is tsunami in Mentawai Island (there are 600 sacrifice people);
    2. There is earth quake of Merapi Mountain (there are 300 sacrifice people) and
    3. There is flood in Papua Island (Wasior region).
    The government is very busy to evacuate the people who live around the earth quake. They have to live in the camp of evacuation. Please help to pray for Indonesia, Thank you very much.

    • Angleica says:

      Hello Djoko,

      I read your paragraph and I am writing to let you know that you have all my prayers for your people. God is big, strong , and kind. He is going to help all the the suffer people. He is going to help them the way. God blees you.

      • Djoko says:

        Hi Angleica,

        Thanks a lot for your attention. God bless you too. I sure that God is very big, strong and kind. He would listen to His people whom cry and pray to Him. Glory His name. Amen.

    • murat once says:

      Hello Djoko. I am from Turkey. I read your text and I am so sorry for your sitation. God bless and protect you and your citizien. I will continue my prayer.

    • Siavash says:

      Dear Djoko,I would like to express my heart felt condolence to you and your compatriots.I was exactly in the same horrible situation in my country (Iran) a few years ago.We lost so many people in an awful earthquake.May God bless all of you.Don’t be sad, all the people in the world are thinking and praying for you and whoever can help you, will do.
      Take care and try to be strong.

      • Djoko says:

        Hi Siavash,
        Thanks a lot for your condolence. If God had blessed your country a few years ago, and I sure God would bless my country too. All people would like to help the sacrifice earthquake, because God touch their heart.

    • Thanh Nguyen says:

      Hi Djoko,

      I would like to present my condolences to your country. In the Middle of my country-VietNam- has also been suffered from flood. All of the victims in your country and in my country are always in my prayer hour every night.

      God bless

      • Djoko says:

        Hi Thanh Nguyen,
        Thanks for a lot for your prayer and I would like to pray for your country too. The threat of flood always follows us. Therefore we have to close to the Lord. God bless you.

  72. Phi Thuan says:

    Hi, teacher. How are you. I am writing to thank you for your interesting lessons I received from you.I come from Vietnam.Please tell me the way to subcribe your lessons , I don’t have a credit card now.

  73. garang majok says:

    difintely the sudan army saf offten is resoring to force as alternative solutions becouse these people Is going to kill are black and christian and are the owner of the land,@ the some time,and these killers ,they don`t want these onwers but,what, they need is only oil imagin that someone want to kill you and stold your property ,that is, absolutely, what happend in my home land in south sudan ,we lost alots of people during that war,we have lost evry thing during this war rapeing women and littel girls under eges taken the littel boy and ues them as a soldier when the grow up,

  74. Julen says:

    I live in Spain; I speak Spanish, French (a bit) and Basque. I’m a teacher of the primary school and I work for the government of Navarre. I learn English because know it is very necessary to speak with other workmates from Europe.

    We are in autumn, today is cloudy and windy but, I live in a beautiful country because you can see green mountains in the north and brown fields in the south. The most famous celebration in our region is the Sanfermin Festival with run bulls, music in the street and typical foods.

    If you want to know more about my region you can write me.

    • Leticia Duran says:

      I live in San José, Costa Rica. I speak Spanish, too. I’m an engineer. I work in the Minister of Science and Technology. I learn English because know it is very necesary to speak with the workmates from the other countries.

      We are in rain station, but today is sunny and windy. I live in a amazing city because you can search all services, education (high school and universities), health (hospital and clìnics) banks, and bussines. you can go a theather, and other good places like restaurants.

      • mustafa hilmi bulut says:

        I live in Turkey. I work as an associate professor of music in Cumhuriyet University in Sivas. Today is first day of the feast of sacrifice in Turkey.To celebrate the feast of sacrifice we have been in Ankara. Today is sunny day. My vife and I are very happy becouse of we have togather with our children.
        your sincerely
        mustafa hilmi bulut

        • sally roshdy says:

          i’m from arab republic of Egypt, I live in elgawaber village, we are also celebrating the feast of the attendance of all my family, my sisters and their sons it’s an occasional day which we all gathering and the parties of marriage increasing. people in my countryside used to visit each others and sharig the feast joys especially the childern.

          i’m so happy to write to you all today.

    • khalil djefaflia says:

      hello julen , i am khalil from algeria i wanna say that i like so much your country language also i like so much the english language and i want to discusse with u in any english domaine \my e-mail is

    • Sergio says:

      Hello: I love your country very much because my family in the past came from Malaga City to Brasil, my mother country. I live in Rio de Janeiro, capital of carnival! They call the “WONDERFULL CITY”! I had being in Portugal last year and I intend to fly also to Madri and after to Berna, Swissland. I have beeutifull places here and if you want to see, let me know about it. My mother language as you must know is Portuguese but I learned English and Spanish also by myself. I went several times do U.S.A. taking part in sports training and cutural meeting by my govermment. I hope to hear from you !!!!

    • Svetla says:

      Hello, I want to know about your region.

  75. kala says:

    I am in south India.The land of multi culture and eligion today most of our schools celebrated the children’s day.It is the day in which we remember the birth day of J.Nehuru who was our first priminister.As he loved the children verymuch and wanted that his birhday must be celebreted as chlder’s day.The teachers of our school made the children enjoy with cultural programe.AS the day 14th novmber felt on sunday we celebrated this event today in the school.

  76. garang majok says:

    yeah this year exactlly I have start focus on the news specily about my own country sudan ,becouse my people are faceing a very difficult moments the upcoming referendum ,the referendum that for southern sudan I mmean for only the southerners to determin, their self determaination,and this part has given southerners by the peace that has been sign in2005 between the NCP the national congress party andd SPlm the sudan people liberation movment,to stop the civil war among south sudan and north,and that self determnation will be done on january/9/2011 and there really big chaleng faceing the southerners becouse this self determination will give them right of choices they need whether saperation or unity but all the southerners ,they are only looking for the sapretion ,we are really fraid ,becouse the sudan armed force started attack the people in south two days ago

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