Italian Food

Do you like talking about food? Tell us about the cuisine in your country.

Say your answer aloud and then write it in the “comments” section at the bottom of this page.
Do you like talking about food? Tell us about the cuisine in your country.

You can use these sentences in your answer if you like:

In ………… most people eat a lot of rice.
In ………… everybody eats a lot of rice.
We eat flat bread in…….. .
The climate is hot so there is a lot of tropical fruit.
The climate is cold so there are not many fresh vegetables in winter.
It is illegal to eat meat or drink alcohol
Most people grow vegetables in their backyards.
The diet is not very healthy.
A typical meal in…… consists of…..and …….. .
Young people eat a lot of……….
The meat of the sheep is considered unpleasant.

What is your favorite dish and how do you make it? Tell us about it. Write the recipe in the “comments” section at the bottom of this page.

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  1. Otello Sala says:

    Hi guys, what’s going on over there?

    Let me talk a bit more of Italian cuisine.

    I don’t wanna say Italian coocking is the best all over world. I only say Italian cuisine is well known in many countries. I’d like to add that Italian cuisine has a lot of genuine products which make our cuisine more and more appreciable.

    The problem doesn’t only consist to prepare a top level recipe, but match dishes with the proper wines, cheeses, fruits and desserts according to what you are gonna serve at the table and the year season.
    That’s to say if you are serving fish, you cannot put on the table red, but white wine. But not an anonymous white wine but the right white wine for the kind of fish the cook has cooked. And here I am partcularly care about a thing: we Italian and not French, have the best wine it doesn’t matter the color. French are very good to advertise their wines like Champagne for example. But we Italians have white wine which taste and fragrance have little to do with French white wine. Giving up the red wine with a highier alcohol degrees because of the plenty of sun days Italy have that French hasn’t. But this is another story. And I do not want to say a word about Italian cheeses because I am not so light minded to start a war with any French people.

    Ok for today, I wrote to much. Hope not bothering anyone. Let’s start with some special italian recipe next time suggesting the proper wine or wines too, and unbelivable pudding.

    Hope any French gentleman shoot at me.

    Ciao, ciao.

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