Persian Food

Do you like talking about food? Tell us about the cuisine in your country.

Say your answer aloud and then write it in the “comments” section at the bottom of this page.

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Do you like talking about food? Tell us about the cuisine in your country.

You can use these sentences in your answer if you like:

In ………… most people eat a lot of rice.
In ………… everybody eats a lot of rice.
We eat flat bread in…….. .
The climate is hot so there is a lot of tropical fruit.
The climate is cold so there are not many fresh vegetables in winter.
It is illegal to eat meat or drink alcohol
Most people grow vegetables in their backyards.
The diet is not very healthy.
A typical meal in…… consists of…..and …….. .
Young people eat a lot of……….
The meat of the sheep is considered unpleasant.

What is your favorite dish and how do you make it? Tell us about it. Write the recipe in the “comments” section at the bottom of this page.

You can find links to other types of food on the recipe page

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2 Responses to “Persian Food”

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  1. ali samadi says:

    Hello , my name is ali , i’m iranian .
    Thank you for this good site but ,
    unfourtunatly , you and any coutries unknown iran .
    we leaving very good .
    we love all people in the world .
    unfourtunatly you have forjudge about we but we are patient untill you undrestanding , verity .

    I used you’r training english ‘
    please upload new lesson ‘ courses and video .
    thank you very much .

    • Paria says:

      Hello ali! first of all i think you should check your mistakes & then post it!
      It’s obvious we love all people !! & other countries do to0 !
      I dont understand why you put this comment ! it is not political website!
      I would recommend ;Try to practise more & dont say Irrelevant ideas about topics,
      I felt i should write these things for you ali ! Go0dluck!

      Anyhow thanks for your great website, but i suppose i should say thing about this topic, “”The meat of the sheep is considered unpleasant”” this sentence is wrong because most of iranian food are made with mutton & veal,

      we less eat beef meat ! Perhaps you should say ” The meat of the cow…

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