Do you know a good recipe for a vegetable dish? Tell us what the recipe is. Say it aloud and then write it out in the comments section at the bottom of this page:
What is it called? How do you make it?

Use these expressions to help you:

The ingredients are….

The method is…

First you chop….
Then you fry it.
Then you add……

You have to slice…..
You have to use very fresh tomatoes.

You can find links to other types of food on the recipe page

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  1. Sergio says:

    My dears teachers: It is ever a nice pleasure to hear from you! I learned a lot with your inteligent and wise real English.
    This program with the subject of meals and food, cooking and so on is so wonderfull and is very important to gain pronunciation and adquire more special vocabulary. Bye,bye for now. Best regards, Sergio-Rio de Janeiro- Brasil ( mother language here is Portuguese )

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