Talking about Cooking

I like cooking.
I really like cooking.
I like cooking very much.
I adore cooking.
I love cooking.
I am really into cooking.

I dislike cooking.
I don’t like cooking.
I don’t like to cook.
I hate cooking.

I am not very good at cooking.
I am not much good at cooking.
I cannot cook.
I can’t cook.

I am a terrible cook.
I am a lousy cook.
I am an awful cook.
I am not very good at cooking.

I can’t cook anything.
I can’t even boil an egg.

Abilities – Things I can do

I can cook a bit.
I can cook a few things.
I can make a few things.
I am able to make a few things.

I can cook basic things.

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my best dish
the dish that I am best at
the thing that I am best at making

My Family

everybody says
my son says
my daughter says
my husband says
my wife says

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I chopped a pumpkin into pieces. I put the pieces into a slow cooker with garlic and olive oil and one potato and one piece of carrot and a tiny piece of bacon.

I let it cook till it was soft.

I went out into the garden.
I went out into the garden and I went to the wheat grass.
I cut off pieces of wheat grass with scissors.

a pair of scissors

I put the wheat grass stems into a blender.
I put a cabbage leaf into the blender.
I blended the cabbage and the wheat grass.

I added the pumpkin mixture.
I blended the raw ingredients and the cooked ingredients.

I blended them.
I mixed them together.

I poured the blended mixture into a bowl.
It was delicious.
It was absolutely delicious.

It was a blend of raw and cooked ingredients.
It was a blend of raw ingredients and cooked ingredients.

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Talking about Food and Cooking

Do you like talking about food? Food is a basic topic that all people can relate to. In business or in a social situation, people talk about food. People talk about processes and tastes and make jokes about food. Food and talk about food permeates our lives.

The musician and composer, David Byrne of “Talking Heads” wrote an album called

Songs about Buildings and Food.

food and buildings
food and shelter
food, clothing and shelter

These are basic things.

We all share a need for these things.

We all need these things

These are things that we all need.

These are things that we all have in common.

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