Vocabulary – Morning – The Hunger

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It is morning.
I am awake.
I am in bed.
I am in my bed.
I am not in your bed.
I am in my bed.
This is my bed.
That is your bed.
Are you awake?

The Bed

I wake up.
I sit up.
I get up.
I get out of bed.
I get out of bed and I walk to the window.
I walk to the window and I look out.
I look out.
I look out of the window.
I look out of the window at the sun.

The Sun

It is beautiful.
It is very beautiful.
The sun is very beautiful.
It is hot.
It is warm.
It is yellow.
It is light.

The sun is light.
The sun is life.
The sun is love.

A Room

I sleep in a room.
I sleep in a room in a building.
I sleep in a room in a building in the city.


The Apartment

I live in the city.
I live in an apartment.
I live in an apartment in the city.

The Mountains

I do not live in the mountains.
I do not live in a village.
I live in a very very big city.

The Hunger

I am hungry.
It is morning and I am hungry.
It is morning and I am hungry and I want to eat.

The Food

Where is the food?
Where are the eggs?
Where is the bacon?
Where is the bread?

Is there a toaster?
Is there any tomato?

What time is it?

Existence and Location

The tomatoes are in the refrigerator.
The bread is on the table.
There are no eggs.
There is cheese.
There is a toaster but it is broken.

“There is/there are shows “existence”. Link to “The Existence Page

There is an Arabic Page. Link to The Arabic Page

There is a recording of a young man from Oman. Link to the recording of the young man.

There is a technique page with a technique where you talk to yourself. Link to Techniques – Talking to Yourself

The Hunger – Some More

People get hungry.
I am hungry.
Everybody gets hungry.
Everybody gets hungry sometimes.

Everybody feels hunger.
Everybody feels some kind of hunger.

In some way all hunger is one.
It is one hunger.
It is the hunger.
The hunger.
Do you feel the hunger?
Are you hungry?

A Ham Sandwich

I feel like a ham sandwich.
I am going to go downstairs and make a ham sandwich.

Thoughts on Hunger

Some people are hungry for meat.
Some people are hungry for fresh vegetables and rice and fruit.
Some people are hungry for alcohol.
Some people are hungry for love.


Hunger comes and goes.
It comes and goes.
We have appetites.
We have an appetite.
We have an appetite for food.
We all have appetites for various things.

Do you have a big appetite?

Morning – The Hunger

In the morning, I have a desire to do something.
I have a desire to do something.
I want to do something.
It is an appetite.
It is like an appetite.
It is a hunger.

Do you feel the hunger?

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