Teachers Notes – Morning – the Hunger

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Time Phrases

Look at these time phrases:


Which one did you hear?

Look at these phrases:

in the morning
in the afternoon
at mid-day
in the afternoon
in the evening
at night

Which one did you hear?


A phrase with a noun and a location is called an adverbial phrases. It tells “where”.

in my room
in my bed
in his bed
in your bed

Where is he?


In English we use the pattern:

“be” verb PLUS adjective

I am awake.
He is asleep.
They are half asleep.

Which one did you hear?

Verbs in Present Simple Tense

I wake up.
I sit up in bed.
I get up.
I get out of bed.
I walk to the window.
I look out.
I open the window.
I look out of the window.
I close the window.
I go back to bed.

Which phrases did you hear?

Nouns and Adjectives

The “sun” is a noun. “Beautiful” is an adjective.

It is ugly.
It is beautiful.
It is very beautiful.
It is very ugly.
The sun is very beautiful.
The moon is very ugly.
It is hot.
It is cold.
It is warm.
It is cool.
It is yellow.
It is green.
It is light.
It is dark.

Which phrases did you hear?

Nouns and Adjectives – Vocabulary

light – a light room (not a dark room)
life – a living room (not a sleeping room)
life – a living person (not a dead person) (not a deceased person)
love – a loving wife (not an unfaithful wife)
beauty – a beautiful place (not an ugly place)


a room
a bedroom
a living room
a kitchen
a kitchenette

a building
an apartment building
a skyscraper
a tall building
a condo – a condominium

a village
a town
a big town
a city

Which ones did you hear?


Look at these patterns:

“be” verb PLUS adjective – I am hungry.

“be” verb PLUS adjective – It is morning..

want to PLUS verb – I want to eat.

I want to sleep.
I want to eat.
I want to get up.
I want to go to bed.

Existence and Location

Where is the bacon?
It is in the refrigerator.

Is there any cheese?
Yes, there is.
No, there is not.

Are there any eggs?
Yes, there are.
No, there are not.

Present Simple Tense – General Statements

People get hungry.
Everybody gets hungry.

Everybody gets hungry.
Everybody gets hungry sometimes.

Everybody feels hunger.
Everybody feels some kind of hunger.

In some way all hunger is one.



Present Simple Tense – Personal Statements

I am hungry.
I am not hungry.

I am thirsty.
I am not thirsty.

Which one did you hear?

Noun or Adjective?

hunger- hungry

Do you feel the hunger?
Are you hungry?


I feel like a ham sandwich.
I feel like a shower.

Which one did you hear?

Future Plan

I am going to go downstairs and make a ham sandwich.
I am going to go downstairs and cook dinner.

Which one did he say?

General Statements – hungry for

Some people are hungry for meat.
Some people are hungry for fresh vegetables and rice and fruit.
Some people are hungry for alcohol.
Some people are hungry for love.

Nouns – Singular and Plural – Count and Non-count

Hunger comes and goes.
It comes and goes.
We have appetites.
We have an appetite.
We have an appetite for food.
We all have appetites for various things.

Do you have a big appetite?


Look at this pattern:

I have a desire to PLUS verb

I have a desire to eat.
I have a desire to go overseas.

It is more common to say:

I want to eat.

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