Family Vocabulary


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father – mother
sister – brother
son – daughter
husband – wife
aunt – uncle
nephew – niece
grandmother – grandfather
great grandmother – great grandfather
great uncle – great aunt
grandson – granddaughter


Write the words on a piece of scrap paper. Cut them up into pieces and arrange them in a family tree.

Now draw your own family tree.

Look at the system of family relations. Look at how you describe it in your language. Compare it to the way we describe it in English. For example we have one word for “cousin”. Do you have several words for “cousin”?

We have one word for “uncle”. Do you have many words for “uncle”?

Do you have to do an IELTS test or another academic written or spoken test? Look at this:Academic English Task

Look at these words:

stepson – stepdaughter
stepmother – stepfather
stepsister – stepbrother

The Wicked Stepmother

Sometimes a family has an extra member. Did you have a stepson or a stepdaughter? Do you know somebody who does? Were you raised by a stepfather or a stepmother? What was your experience like?
What was your experience like?

Do you have a brother? What is his job?
Do you have a sister? What is her job?

Do you want to talk with a live conversation partner? Practice speaking English at the English Conversation partner Linkup Service.or write your answer in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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Did you have fun?

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  1. Easter Hariyanto says:

    I am 46, I have married Sintha at 1996. Now, we have one son 18 and daughter 15.

  2. Zahir says:

    very good presentation

  3. claudia castro says:

    Hello, my family is very interesting: I have two biological brothers and five stepbrothers. We live in Manaus – Amazonas, Brazil.

  4. mattursun says:

    i have a sister

  5. imran khan says:

    Hello i am imran khan i have 4 brother incoluding me. I have 3 sister. we are 7 member all is marride having kids now i am living in australia i have one doughter very cute my english speaking is very bad i want to learn can you help me. my partner is not talking in english with me she always busy.

  6. mahmoud says:

    i do not have nither father nor mother, but i have mother in law and eleven brother five of them just brother in law

  7. amaaa says:

    i have a lovely family,, lovely sisters

  8. mitra says:

    I have a good familly. I have three sister , father and stepmother. she is a good-hearted woman. I had anti but she was died 6 month ago I dont have any uncle.

  9. fateme says:

    i have a large family,my mother died 5yrs ago.i have stepmother,
    i have 1 sister and 3 brothers. i have 3 sister-in-laws and 1 niece.she is very nice

  10. ahmedou says:

    i dident have uncle but i have sister

  11. Maria Evans says:

    I have just a son-in-law.

  12. Mario Maza says:

    I didn’t have a stepfather or stepson, bu I have stepnephews.

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