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Are you worried about … security?
Are you worried about … ?
Are you worried about food?


What exactly did you hear?

Be careful. Be aware.

Tell us about it. Warn other people about it! Write your answer in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

Vocabulary – Collocations

Read the phrases and discuss them:

food scare – health scare

Fukushima food – food from Fukushima

contaminated food

food poisoning

out of date food

genetically modified food

food that is made from substandard ingredients

food that is made from industrial ingredients

Where do you get your food?

The Natural Cycle – The Food Chain

There is a cycle of nature where sunshine and trees and water and wind and the earth work together to make seasons and crops and food.

Big things eat little things. Little things eat big things.

There is a complicated cycle.

Important Real Conditions

Grammar – Look at these conditional sentences:

If you kill all the trees and animals and plants, there will be no food.

If there is no food, all the people will die.

If the ocean is poison, all the fish will die.

If the fish die, the people will not have any seafood.

If there are floods, the cattle will die and the crops will fail.

If there is no beef or milk or grain, the people will starve.

Food from Sky Farms

Food comes from the food chain.

In Universal City there was a disaster and the Ooze poisoned the earth. Food is grown hydroponically in tanks raised up from the ground.

Have you ever seen a skyfarm?

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