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I studied it in high school but I have never really spoken it.
I went on a trip to … and that got me really interested in it.
I have always wanted to learn … .
I have wanted to improve my … for a long time.
I studied … at school but I have forgotten most of it.

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8 Responses to “Foreign Language Study”

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  1. K. Darwish says:

    I’m an English language teacher . In fact , I have been teaching it for more than forty years. I have taught thousands of students. Nowadays, I work for Al- Khaleej company. It is a private one. We train grown up trainees.Most of them come from universities. We teach computing & English language. Our Caracalla is called Direct English of Pearson Educational Company from the United States. If anybody wants any favor, I’ll be always at his pick and call.

  2. honglina says:

    hello everyone i’ studying english more than 3years,but i still can’t speak confident i wan to know how to speak perfect in english.

  3. sarah says:

    hello every one i am english teacher but i am not good enough thats why i am trying to improve my english.any one who can help me plz just call .
    thats alot

  4. slash says:

    hi aj can you send help me how to speak english bcouz my english speak is very bad pls help me send me more..thanks

  5. hassan says:

    i tried to speak english too much but i cant because i forget every new word i hear so i woul like and hope you help me what i shoul do to change that bad hapit
    and thank you

    • ludmila says:

      Hello Hasan,
      O.k.of course it is very natural to forget a new words.
      The way that I use is to listen for one topic no less than one week for couple of hours every day . It might be not during exactly two (or more) hours ran – you could to brake it to many pieces of time .I listen in cooking, cleaning, walking, driving, cycling time with my i Pod.
      The lessons which pushed me up were : “Learn Real English” (if you could understand at least Pre- Intermediate level) and “Effortless English Club”.
      They are not for free, but they worth every penny.
      Try it.They give you 7 mail letters for free where they explain you at all about theirs method. It is really very power, trust me.
      Good luck.

  6. ludmila says:

    Hello Thanh LAN,
    My English was very bad as well till I have started to use listening method.
    I’m sending you some links to very good web sites-all these sites for free! Choose a couple of them, that are suitable for your level and work hard every day. You will be succeed for sure! Don’t focus on a grammar, listen and read nice novel or children books on your level. It is more powerful way to learn a foreign language.
    Good luck.

    Here you are: – 365 stories and every student activities. (beginners as well) (beginners as well) (beginners as well) (beginners)


    ec learning english

  7. thanh lan says:

    hi! everybody
    i had alot of fun when vistit this page.
    i learn english in my school,but my english is very bad.
    i’ve ready spent. alot of time to improve my english.but my english don’t develop.
    my by learning way was wrong.I hope you can tell me how you learn english effecty.thanhk you very wish for you!

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