If you Freeze Meat, it will last Longer

If you put meat in the fridge it will last longer. Maybe a week.

It Will Last Longer

If you put meat in the freezer, it will last much longer. Maybe six months or more.

Let’s look at the word family:

Word Family

freeze somebody out
freeze up

Analysis of a Verb


Grammar Note

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Freeze – transitive verb

The verb “to freeze” is a transitive verb. That means it has an object. Look at this example:

I freeze ice-cream. Everybody freezes ice-cream.
If you don’t put it in the freezer, it will melt.

Freeze – intransitive verb

The verb “freeze” can also be an intransitive verb, which means it can appear without an object.

Ice cream freezes, if you put it in the freezer.

Ice cream melts if you take it out of the freezer.

Lasting a Long Time

The word “last” is a verb in this sentence:

If you freeze meat, it lasts longer.

First Conditional

Note that the above sentence is a good example of first conditional.

at Irp

Diet and Eating Meat

Muslims don’t eat pork.
Hindus don’t eat beef.
Buddhists don’t eat meat.


The above statements are generalisations. Are they universally true?

Generally speaking, generalisations are not universally true.

Eating Meat

A lot of people eat meat. The most common meats are beef, pork, chicken, mutton and goat.

Putrifaction and Shelf Life

If a product has a long shelf life, that means it does not putrify. It can be left on the shelf in a shop for a long time.

“Putrify” is a technical word. In conversation we say:

The meat went bad.
The meat went off.
The meat went rotten.

rather than

The meat putrified.


When we talk about meat we use these collocations:

fresh meat
raw meat
rotten meat
frozen meat


People who do not eat meat are called vegetarians.

Are you a vegetarian?


Militant Vegetarian-ism

People who eat are called “vegetarians”. People who try to stop other people from eating meat are called “militant vegetarians”

The Use of “militant” is a type of exaggeration.

The literal meaning of militant is “of or with or made up of the military”

Eating Meat and Violence

Do you think that eating meat leads to violence?


A meat eater is called a carnivore.
A plant eater is called a herbivore.
Some body who eats anything is called an omnivore.

Adjective Formation

Carnivore – carnivorous
Herbivore – herbivorous
Omnivore – omnivorous

Vocabulary in Context

Rabbits are herbivorous.
Lions are generally carnivorous.
Humans are omnivorous.

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