Time and Money – How are you paid?

How are you paid?


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by the hour

Are you paid an hourly rate?
Are you paid by the hour?
Do you get paid by the hour?
Do you get paid an hourly rate?


Are you paid daily?
Are you paid a daily rate?
Are you paid each day? (Do you receive your money each day?)
Do you get paid daily? (ambiguous)
Do you get paid a daily rate?


Are you paid weekly?
Are you paid each week? (Do you receive your money each week?)
Do you get paid weekly?
Do you get paid each week? (ambiguous)


Are you paid each month?
Are you paid by the month?
Do you get paid by the month?


Are you paid annually?
Do you get an annual payment?
Do you get paid annually?

Write your answer in the “comments” section below. Use this pattern:

I get paid…


I am paid…

They are both forms of passive voice

Positions Vacant

If you want a job, you should look in the Positions Vacant section in the newspaper or on the noticeboard.

Work Wanted

If you want a job, you should post your details in the Work Wanted section of the newspaper or or on the noticeboard.

Work Experience

When you apply for a job, you have to say what kind of experience you have. Have you ever worked as a … ?


You can research various employment related topics on The Employment Page


The Work Page

Family Income

Do you want to talk about how much each person in your family earns? Are you able to do that?

Look at these variations:

How much is he paid?
How much is she paid?
How much are they paid?

How much does he get paid?
How much does she get paid?
How much do they get paid?

The Sister Page
The Brother Page


Passive Voice


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