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Income by Occupation Index

It is hard to compare cost of living in different countries because some countries are hot and some are cold. In some countries food is cheap and plentiful. In some countries food is expensive and in short supply and there is little variety.

If you look at the income of a variety of workers in a society, you can get a rough picture of how much people earn and how much it costs to live. Look at the list of jobs below and think about how much they earn in your country. Tell us about the average income and the cost of living in your country.

Here are some phrases that may help you:

the average farmer
the average agricultural labourer
the average policeman
the average politician
the average businessman
the average income
the lowest income
the highest income
middle class people
working class people
poor people

Here are some sentences that may help you:

The average policeman earns … per month. Senior officers get more.

The average salary for all government jobs is low so many people have other business to supplement the family income.

Many people cannot afford to live away from their family.

Poverty is commonplace and prostitution is common.

There is little work so people go to the cities or overseas to work.

The average teacher earns between … and … per year.

Most politicians are corrupt so they earn other money on top of their salary.

What does the average person earn?


Do you know the income for these jobs?

an agricultural labourer
a barman
a bus driver
a carpenter
a cashier in a supermarket
a construction worker
a convenience store worker
a medical doctor
an engineer
a farmer
a high school teacher in a government school
a lawyer
a minister in the national government
a council member in the local municipal government
a nurse
a policeman
a public servant
the richest man in the country
a sex worker (a prostitute)
a taxi driver
a truck driver
a waiter

Write a report on income by occupation in your region. Post your report in the comments section below.

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Listen to a conversation with the richest man in Mosquito City – Mr Peter Bestluck

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