Interactive Story – The Family Problem

Interactive Story

Don’t you know what an interactive story is? You can go to the Interactive Story page first or just read on and go there later. You will get the idea. It is just a story that contains questions.

Read the interactive Story:

The Family Argument

It was late on Saturday afternoon. A young man was in his room. He was putting on his clothes. His clothes were very fashionable. What colour were they? He came downstairs.

“Where are you going?” said his father. Was his father reading the newspaper?

“I am going to a rock and roll concert” said the young man. Did he look into his father’s eyes as he spoke?

“You are not allowed to go!” said his father. Did the father shout?

The young man looked at the ground. Did he look into his father’s eyes? He loved his father very much. He loved his father but he also wanted to go to the rock and roll concert. What time did the concert start?

The young man’s mother walked in. What colour was her dress? Her daughter was with her. How old was the daughter?

What is wrong? said the mother.

“Dad said I am not allowed to go to the rock and roll concert” said the young man. Did he have an angry expression on his face as he spoke?

“All his friends are going” said the mother.

“I don’t care. Rock and roll is for faggots! I don’t want my son going to a rock and roll concert” said the man. Did he shout?

The man’s wife approached him. She put her hands on her hips. She looked into the man’s eyes. Then she let her arms fall by her sides. What had she seen in the man’s eyes?

“Go up to your room” said the man to his son. He scratched his chin. Did he have a moustache?

The young man went to his room. He sat on his bed. Were there any posters on his walls? Are there any posters on your walls?

The young man looked out the window. He thought about the music. He put on his jeans. Were they faded? He looped a bag over his shoulder. Was it a cloth bag?

The concert was about to start. How many bands were going to play? The young man opened the window and climbed out. He felt the wind blowing in his hair. His hair was getting long. Had his father told him to get a haircut?

The young man jumped off the roof onto the ground. Did he hurt his foot? He stood up and began to walk. He heard his sister’s voice. He did not stop to listen to her. He began to run. How far was it to the concert?

Dinner time came and went. The son did not come down to eat. The father went upstairs to find his son. The son was gone. Where was the son?

What is going to happen now?

Where and when do you think the story took place? Why do you think that?

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