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What is your job?


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Factory Worker

I work as a factory worker.
I work in a factory.
I am a factory worker.


I work as a teacher.
I work in a high school as a chemistry teacher.
I am a teacher.

Call Center Staff

I work as call center staff.
I work in a call center.
I am a call center employee.

What is your job? Write your answer in the “comments” section below.

Do you have a brother? What is his job?
Do you have a sister? What is her job?

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43 Responses to “The Job Page – Write your answer!”

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  1. P De Mario says:

    I’m civil engineer and and also an university teacher., I work as technical manager in na interestate entity in Brazil. It’s an association of rail and road industries.

  2. Naik Mohammad Ziar says:

    I am working as Project Manager for an educational NGO

  3. manamayakc says:

    It is great English thanks.

  4. BENJAMIN says:


  5. santina says:

    I’m a state employee

  6. Alex says:

    I am a retiree. I was a public servent and now I want to improve my english. Your site will give me this opportunity and I am expecting to take advantige of it.
    Thank you,


  7. Mohammad says:

    I’m an engineer,i work at airport as a loud master for an airline.

  8. Melanio Coronado says:

    I am an engineer and teacher

  9. Devi says:

    I am a Home Maker.Previously I was working in a Engineering College as a Asst. Professor.I enjoy and learn from this website.

  10. nirosha says:

    I am work in pharmacutical industry as a Executive of Analytical Research & Development

  11. ?ukasz says:

    I am an Italian teacher/lecturer in Poland and a French interpreter for a private firm and for this job I go to France and Belgium twice a month or so to interpret. However I am applying for a much better job in a large corporation as a French translator/interpreter but I may also translate other languages I speak. 🙂

  12. Ahmed says:

    I work for company.i teach english and enjoy this website.

  13. Puchong says:

    I work in the university as a mathmatic teacher

  14. Puchong says:

    I am a theacher

  15. anhtrok says:

    who wanna chat with me to improve English skill together, please contact: Thanks!

  16. Faisal says:

    I’m suppervisour .I’m working in oil feilds .

  17. Francisco Alves Abrantes says:

    I used to work as an engineer. Now I am retired

  18. karma says:

    i am computer operator,

  19. ali says:

    IM student in faculty of commerce

  20. achimgari says:

    I work at a subway station as a station-officer.

  21. Awoke Kassa says:

    Hi, Hope you are doing fine.Many thanks for your concern to help all who have a great interest to improve their english, particularly English speaking.
    I am Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist working for a Regional organization.


  22. ruoode says:

    an electretion

  23. anhtrok says:

    i work as a sales supervisor.
    i work for a TV distribution company in Vietnam.

  24. arshad farouk says:

    peace be upon you,

    I’m abusinessman and I’m researcher in african studies(master)about Israel and red sea.I want helping for learn speaking and translate english easly.

  25. Sahar Fararjeh says:


    Iam sahar from jordan, I have 2 kids (boy & girl)and they need my assistance in teaching especillay the English language, also I am a chemist working in private company which manufacture adhesives and sealant. My jop as a technical Manager assistant need more and more practice in English specially in conversation.I hope to help me as you could.

    Many Thanks

  26. mondina says:

    I am a teacher

  27. fateme says:

    i`m a midwife and i work in a hospital

  28. fateme says:

    i`m a midwife.and i work in a hospital

  29. Yoe Tha says:

    I am an employee of a very large organization.

  30. Muna says:

    i’m in work addiminerstion assiatant

  31. aries supriyadi says:

    I work in shipbuilding industry
    I am an production engineering warship division

  32. fatima says:

    i am going to work as a teacher after passing one year of formation in the primary school.

  33. abdolali says:


  34. samson says:

    i have no any job since i am in refugee.

  35. Jorge Beltrán says:

    I work in ICA as engineering superviser.

  36. Aimal says:


    1. I work as an Engineer
    2. I work in an organization
    3. I work in an organization as senior engineer

  37. Inaldo says:

    I work in a high school as a modeling computation the creep of salt.

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